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Published: 16 December, 2013 07:09 IST | Dhara Vora |

Italian DJ Benny Benassi has seen it all. The man behind popular dance track, Satisfaction, and a veteran of the Electronic Dance Music genre talks to Dhara Vora in an exclusive about the current boom, and his maiden Indian trip for the Supersonic dance music festival in Goa

You have been in the industry for a long time. To what extent has the industry changed since the time you started?
It has changed in many ways -- from the way people consume music ie vinyls, CDs, mp3s or streaming to what they listen to -- music comes in cycles. But I feel this evolution is only natural, it happens in everything. It’s definitely been a good change.

DJ Benny Benassi

The current lot of top touring DJs are very young. What do you think has led to their rise?
I like to listen to what younger DJs are doing and it influences me. Social media has been a huge helping hand in creating some of these DJs’ careers, and advances in technology means that people can release more music; it’s a lot quicker than before.

Is it difficult for a DJ to break into the scene today? How do you try and stay different from the lot?

Yes and no; yes, because there is so much out there and no, because there isn’t a lot of great music out there. I work with Alle Benassi (cousin) and we just do our thing, it seems to work for us. Once only restricted to select audiences in Europe, House and other genres of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) have now become mainstream. Your take on it... It’s brilliant. It means the music reaches more people -- that’s a good thing for everybody.


Tell us about Back to the Pump; are you working on any big collaborations?
Back To The Pump is meant to be a follow up to my single, House Music. The reaction from fans has been great, I am happy with it. Alle and I are working on the new album, which has a few featuring artists. No Indian artists yet though!

Has India made its presence felt in the EDM scene, with top DJs touring the country every year?
Absolutely, the touring in India five years ago was virtually non-existent, and now, it has great festivals and clubs. It’s amazing, really.

What’s in store for the audience at Supersonic?
I’ll be testing out a few new productions from the studio so they should be on the watch!

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