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Jul 09, 2015, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

"These trips where I give myself the chance to be empty and alone, nestled in a cocoon of anonymity, give me the opportunity to get to know the young woman I see in the mirror everyday."

"These trips where I give myself the chance to be empty and alone, nestled in a cocoon of anonymity, give me the opportunity to get to know the young woman I see in the mirror everyday." It was our fierce and fabulous gal pal Kangana Ranaut, telling us about what she described as her recent 'refueling trip' to NYC.

Kangana in an outfit from the Gucci equestrian collectionKangana in an outfit from the Gucci equestrian collection

"I don't know if it's the intoxication of the Martinis that are still coursing through my bloodstream, or the enigmatic and evocative characters from the books that I explored on my journey to nowhere or rather any where," said the lady whose double role in TWMR has been this year's sensation, "but the independence and freedom can be intoxicating and empowering for any woman," reminisced Ranaut, who gives every sign of being a somber little brooder while growing up.

"And then when that woman lays her eyes on a beautiful Gucci suit in a window - she is filled with gratitude for achieving the position of affording anything her heart desires! And that's not even the best part," laughed the industry's most successful female star, "The best part is she does that 'bina 70 kilo ka bhari on her chaat'' to quote from my favourite dialogue from TWMR," she said.

And you will see why we think Ms Ranaut is so awesome. This perfectly formulated, exquisite response came when we had requested the darling girl to 'say something about: Gucci and NYC.'

Democracy OK (phew)
When no less than one of India's most respected financial statesman, Uday Kotak, takes to twitter to say 'China stock bubble burst shows command and control cannot manage markets. India learnt hard way over time to regulate but respect markets,' the ripples are felt in concentric circles of influence.

Uday KotakUday Kotak

One response on the ubiquitous micro-blogging site was from Congress leader and weekend blues guitarist Milind Deora. "Ah, the perks of being a democracy," said our Sobo friend. "It was a joke on how those who say China is doing better than India, because they're not a democracy, should take back their words," he said to us when we asked him what he'd meant.

Milind DeoraMilind Deora

Was his post meant to take a sardonic sideswipe at the fact that our own democracy might be a tad endangered under you knows whom? To his credit, Deora did not pick up the bait. "I only meant to say that we should be grateful we're a democracy and see it as an advantage rather than other way around." OK folks nothing to worry about the health of our democracy. Yet.

From stiff upper lip to cellulite lips
Perhaps we aren't ready for the demands of social etiquette just yet. The elegant sit down dinner, the official black tie reception, let's be honest that's a bit beyond our grasp just yet as we still figure out a way to use our mobile phones in public, without being rude.

Seen in this context, the recent gaffe that took place at a very formal royal reception in Europe, where the heads of state hosted a charity event, might not be a big deal. But of course, that could be the third worldview.
It involves a bon vivant and popular Indian bachelor used to wining and dining with the best of them.

As his companion to a very grand and exclusive event, he had managed to have invited along with himself, a svelte Indian lady to give additional sparkle to his presence. That they were not married was not germane. This is the 21st century; even European royalty must not have raised its eyebrow. So duly, the coveted invite arrived, and sure enough the familiar royal cursive had both their names engraved side by side.

Only one problem: when it was posted on Facebook (as these things are): the lady remarked petulantly, "I'm so angry he got my name wrong." And sure enough he had, not by a letter, or a syllable but a whole other person's name! Had this deterred her from attending though? Check please.

Now in a pocket near you
Amongst the people we feel privileged to have met, is Ma Faiza, the electronic artist. In the interest of transparency, we have to admit that our music tastes run a bit differently (Annie Lennox, Leonard Cohen, Sade), but her company, her talent, and more relevantly, the salads and cold soups that we have been lucky enough to have eaten at her Pune home, are evidence of her unique and charismatic personality.

Ma Faiza
Ma Faiza

So when we called her up last evening to enquire about her latest initiative, the 'Ma Faiza phone case' it was not without a gentle hint for lunch. "I got a fab new iphone6+ for my birthday," said the woman fresh from her triumphant 'The Maximum Tour 2015,' "And there I was checking online for some cool cases, when I came across Daily Objects and ordered myself a customized Ma Faiza case!" she said, adding, "And I have to say its absolutely superb quality, and it comes with a life time warranty (unlike many other cases on the market).

I got the one with a rubber shock protector around the phone, and it's been amazing!" "Now all my fans who wish to carry me with them, can have the Ma Faiza customized case for sale for ANY phone (it doesn't have to be an iPhone!)," she added. And while we promised to check out the gizmo, it's gazpacho next week.

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