Guess who Ranbir is kissing

Jul 04, 2012, 08:58 IST | The Hitlist Team

Ranbir Kapoor seemed to be in his element at the first-look launch of his film



As in the movie he has a kissing scene with co-star Ileana D’Cruz, she was asked how it was to kiss Ranbir. Ileana only flashed her pearlies as RK volunteered to showcase it again. He stepped forward but instead of Ileana’s lips, he began smooching director Anurag Basu leaving everyone in splits.


The media preferred to ask all the questions to PC and RK. Ileana only had a big grin on her face throughout the evening. Those cheekbones must have surely hurt!

When Ranbir was asked to speak about his role in the film, he didn’t utter a single word but did a mime act to explain how he was happy to be part of the film and how director Anurag Basu not only has a ‘big stomach’ but also a ‘big heart’.

When Ranbir called Priyanka a cute puppy, Priyanka didn’t take it very nicely and called him a Rottweiler! A case of the bark being nastier than the bite? Hmmm…

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