Guess who's battling a water crisis

Jul 08, 2013, 07:23 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

While the monsoon has brought relief to most other citizens, mayor Vaishali Bankar's office has sent several complaints to Bhavan department in recent days about erratic water supply at the premises, but to no avail.

A healthy dose of monsoon has resuscitated the dams and the days of water cut in the city seem like distant memories to most denizens. However, the first citizen of Pune is still compelled to deal with dry days.

Mayor Vaishali Bankar.
Its has been a perennial problem, since my taking charge. I personally have sent two written complaints in the last two months.- Mayor Vaishali Bankar

Recently, functionaries from the mayor’s office had to call a tanker due to the scarcity. Mayor Vaishali Bankar said that in the last two months she and her office have complained several times about the irregular supply. Presently, the peon has to fetch water from the outside in a bucket.

The civic body, considered the supreme authority in ensuring smooth functioning in each and every part of the city, itself has to rely on tanker water, and the mayor’s office is bearing the brunt.

PMC building houses
Water woes: The third floor of PMC building houses the mayor’s office among other important facilities. File Pic

Representatives from Bankar’s office said that every day numerous visitors, including some VIPs, come to meet the mayor. She also has frequent parleys with elected members. In such a situation, it is extremely shameful that even the toilet in the mayor’s office does not have regular water supply.

“It is the responsibility of Bhavan department of PMC to provide and maintain required facilities to all other departments. Two days ago we told the department to provide a tanker, but have not received any response. We have sent at least 25 written complaints in the last two years. I don’t understand how they can be so careless about the mayor’s office,” said a senior official.

Meanwhile, Vaishali Bankar too confirmed the problem of the water shortage. She said, “It has been a perennial problem since me taking charge. In last two months I personally have sent two written complaints. Actually, there is a proposal to set separate water tank on terrace for the mayor’s office, which has been on paper for a long time. We have demanded that the water tank be installed as early as possible.”

Sandeep Khandwe, superintendent engineer of Bhavan Department, said, “The number of visitors has been increasing day by day. So the capacity of existing water tanks is not sufficient. We have been constructing two water tanks of two thousand litres each. These will become functional from Monday. The work is almost complete, only minor plumbing is required. One of the tanks will be reserved or the third floor of PMC building, which houses the mayor’s office among other important facilities.”

“Apart from that, we are planning to provide a separate connection to the mayor’s office from the existing two thousand litre water tank. In fact, during general body meeting, the mayor’s office requires the maximum amount of water,” said an official from Bhavan department, on condition of anonymity.  

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