Guide to picking the right brushes to compliment your make-up

May 31, 2016, 08:41 IST | Dhara Vora

Using the correct brush to compliment your make-up is half the battle won. Brush up on your collection with our guide to picking the right tool

Brow brush
Use this to comb your brows, apply brow pomade to set it in place and remove clumps of mascara from your lashes. You can even use a toothbrush for your brows.

Eyeshadow brush
Ditch the sponge applicators that come with your eyeshadows and buy separate brushes. Use dense brushes to pack a product and fluffier ones for blending. Interchanging them will lead to panda-like eyes.

Lip filler
For precise outlining and filling in colour, pick a lip brush. It will make your colour stay longer and help avoid bleeding too.

Blush brush
The blush brush is no longer restricted to colouring your cheeks. It can also be used to dust loose powder (with larger brushes) or even for strobing, that is applying shimmery shades on your cheek bones and darker ones beneath to get a dewy look.

Blender sponge
Don’t confuse this for a simple piece of sponge. Blender sponges, popularised by the brand Beautyblender, use a special material that when used wet, can help apply foundation, cream blushes and primers. The shape is designed such that the pointy end can be used to reach creases and the round bottom for larger areas. Since they are wet, they don’t absorb the product and hence, save on money too.

Fan brush
Use it to dust of loose powder and finish your make-up or to highlight your cheeks or the bridge of your nose. Based on your strokes, the shape of the brush can help create soft looks and also conture.

Eyeliner brush
Cateyes are in no mood go out of trend and a fine, angled brush is perfect for them. Thinner and firmer the better. Use a similar brush to fill in your brows too.

Angled brush
The technique of contouring, popularised by reality TV star Kim Kardashian, involves using different shades of foundation, bronzers and highlighters, to shape your face and add definition. An angled brush can be used to define lines of your products, which can then be blended with flat top or other blending brushes.

Oval brush
The latest beauty tool entrant, the oval brushes come in various sizes and bloggers claim they are miracle foundation and base product blenders. Based on the size and the angle, you can use it to apply bronzers, blush, and conture too.

Concealer and Foundation brush
The flat, dense brush is designed to cover large areas of your face with foundation. You can pick an angled brush for contouring your cheeks and chin. Concealer brush is smaller in size and perfect to cover select blemished areas.

Kabuki brush
The Kabuki brush gets its name from the Japanese drama called Kabuki, where the actors used this brush for their routines. The short brush with a large head can be used for blending, applying loose powder and blush if you use light strokes. Like many powder brushes, it comes with a flat top too.

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