Guitar keys that strum 15 years

Oct 03, 2012, 01:00 IST | Ruchika Kher

Sanjay Divecha, Guitarist

1. What do you have in store for the audience this time around?
I’m presenting my new band, which has hand percussion, a Carnatic vocalist, electric bass, and I will be playing only acoustic guitar. The music will encompass some older material from my album, Full Circle as well as newer material that have been written for this quartet. The music traverses borders and genres all the while resonating close to the heartland. The band members are Sanket Naik on percussion, Chandana Bala on vocals and
Sonu Sangameswaran on bass.

2. Your music includes a blend of Folk traditions; Hindustani and Carnatic with the music of Brazil, Africa and America, what will you label your music as?
I find it difficult to label my music as it incorporates so many different styles and traditions. I like to refer to it just as MUSIC and let the listener label it if they feel its necessary. The best I can do is naming it Global Music with a cross cultural accent.

3. Are you working on another album? Future plans?
I’m constantly composing and working on new material and I will be recording this new band sometime soon. The priority at this time is to keep performing and refine the sound of the band. I would like to take this sound and perform at festivals in Europe and America. Of course, I would like to perform all across India as well.

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