Gulzar praises Lata Mangeshkar

Feb 19, 2013, 11:08 IST | The Centre Stage team

Lata Mangeshkar has often been described as the nightingale of India.

CS was present at a recent awards show, where lyricist Gulzar was at his poetic best while describing the singer’s voice.

 “There’s a certain honesty in Lata’s voice,” said Gulzar, who gained entry in films with Lata’s song, “In a song, when she says it’s morning, you feel it’s morning.

When she it’s night, you feel it’s night. And when she says it’s raining, you feel like taking your hand out of the window to feel the drops.” Needless to say, Lata was overwhelmed with this description of hers and could only thank Gulzar for the same.  

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