I am happy being my wife's slave: Gurmeet Choudhary

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Gurmeet Choudhary refutes rumours of trouble in paradise and claims that he has no life without wife, Debina Bonnerjee. He also opens up about his Bollywood career. Read interview

He was known as the 'Greek God' of Indian television and was popular for his bare body entry scenes on television. Continuing the streak on the 70mm screen, Gurmeet Choudhary claims that before Khamoshiyan no one wanted to touch him and how the film opened doors for him in Bollywood. He talks about his lifeline – Debina Bonnerjee, his upcoming film and more.

Were you happy with your blink and miss debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s Khamoshiyan?
I don’t have a background in films, I hail from a small town and was a television actor. Because TV supported me, I became a star overnight. I’ve done all the big hit shows you can think of. My career has been great, but it’s still difficult to get a break in Bollywood. In that case, Khamoshiyan opened the door of Bollywood for me. Before that, no one was ready to touch me. My debut got me my second film, which is being directed by Vishal Pandya. In my next film, people will get to see a lot more of me.

Why did you choose an erotic thriller for your seconD film?
Why not? As an actor, I see two things – who is the producer and the director. A good name increases your confidence. Vishal has given hits like Hate Story 2 and 3. His film’s content was powerful, and what more can an actor as for. When he told me the whole concept of the film, it excited me. Most films are good till the interval, post that, the storyline goes for a toss. However, this film will keep you at the edge of your seats till the end.

There have been several Hollywood films with the concept of live screening of murders. So what’s so new about Wajah Tum Ho?
See, I cannot reveal the whole story, but the screenplay, dialogues are powerful and it is backed by logic. The twists and turns will be unexpected and every time you predict something it will be very different.

Do you fear being type cast as an erotic thriller actor?
The position I am in right now, is the aspiration of many people in the world. Whatever I am (I am not saying I am big), but it’s a place that many want to reach. I have never feared being typecast. Being typecast is also an achievement. If I really feared that, I would never have done a show like Ramayan. The show was a huge success so much so that people actually worshiped me and put money at my feet. So many people have done mythological shows, and they get stuck in that zone. I feel I have managed to alter my image so many times. After Ramayan, people fell in love with Maan Singh Khurana (His character in Geet Huyi Sabse Parayi), and then I did a lot of reality shows. There has to be some talent to even get type cast, right? If I can get out of the image of Ram at the age of 23 then why would I be scared of it now.

Are comfortable doing erotic thrillers?
If this movie was something like the Hate Story series it would have been called Hate Story 4. But that’s not the case. The scenes between Sana and me depict our love on screen, which is normal and goes with the story. Our film is not about sex. It’s a masala film and is a complete package.

Between Khamoshiyan and Wajah Tum Ho — how many offers did you get and how many did you reject?
I did reject two films with some big names and trust me had I given a nod for it, my career would have been over. I can’t say ‘no’ easily, but today I feel I made the right decision. I’ve never made an impromptu plan. My journey since 2008 (Ramayan days) has been planned meticulously. I have my goals etched on my bathroom mirror. I know I want to work with Rajkumar Hirani and Rohit Shetty some day. And if they say I have to run naked and reach their Bandra office right now, I’ll do it without a second thought. That’s how my planning works.

But your marriage was not on the list, right?
Debina and I were barely 18-19 when we got married. Some things you cannot plan. But I can confidently say that without Debina I would have never been successful.

Why do most people feel that she is the dominating one in your relationship?
I’ve never heard this before. But I’d say this, if with my wife dominating me I could reach here then it is a good thing. I want to be her ‘joru ka ghulam’ (My ‘wife’s slave). If a small town boy from Bihar can reach where I am now – it’s all because of Debina. She has supported me through everything. It was my dream to be a star and post marriage it became her dream too. My life is incomplete without her.

Then why did we hear all these rumours about your fights and that you and Debina were heading towards splitsvile?
As an actor, you have to face these things on a daily basis and it is not the first time. Whenever I get a script to act, Debina and I both read the script together and decide. When I was rehearsing for Wajah Tum Ho, Debina would give me the cues and pracice the dialogues with me. So how would she not know what I am doing in the film? Having said that, I am sure, if not, the the story would have been, ‘Why is Debina not affected by my intimate scenes? Is there nothing left between them?’ We’ve gone way beyond people’s imagination in our relationship.

Do you get tired justifying your relationship with Debina?
I am not tired but I feel bad, mainly because my family is from a small town. We may not get affected by what people say, but for them these things matter. So when they hear news like that, they call to find out if everything is okay. Just a few days ago back my folks called to find out if everything is okay in our life.

One television actress you want to work with again.
I would say Kratika Sengar. She is a good actor, down to earth and extremely talented.

One actress you don’t want to work with?
There’s no one like that. Given an opportunity I’d work with all of them again. Even Drashti Dhami, because we heard that you’ll don’t get along anymore. If there is work for us together, we’ll work. Why not?

Any plans to build the family ahead?
I love kids but we are so busy right now trying to build our careers. Plus we feel we are still kids and have a lot of growing up to do. So, we will be waiting a bit more for family planning.

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