Gym trainer arrested for molestation says woman sought sexual favours

Sep 10, 2015, 09:09 IST | Shiva Devnath

The gym trainer yesterday filed a counter-complaint against the survivor, claiming to have received 315 text messages from her, asking him for sexual favours

After arresting a gym trainer on charges of molestation, the Amboli police have now turned their scanner on the woman who had complained against him. Yesterday, the trainer filed a counter-complaint against the woman, claiming that she was the one making sexual advances towards him and that she had even sent him 315 text messages asking for sexual favours.

mid-day had earlier reported the gym trainer’s arrest, after the complainant had alleged that he had threatened and touched her inappropriately (‘Gym trainer arrested for molesting woman’, September 8). The incident took place on July 14, when she and her friend had gone to meet the trainer, Karan Kiraad (27), at a personal studio.

Karan was produced in court on Tuesday, when he told the court about the messages he had received from her (mid-day has access to the texts). He was granted bail and, last morning, he filed an NC (non-cognisable) complaint at the Amboli police station. A cop from Amboli police station said, “We have registered a case and are investigating.”

“On July 14, she (survivor) and I got into an argument. Her friend was also present and she fell unconscious. I stopped training her after that, but she would plead that we begin training again,” said Karan, who works at Waves Gym at Andheri.

“She had even complained to the gym authorities, but I told them that I did not want to train her as she is not a nice woman. She wanted me to train her at her house in private. She always sought sexual favors from me. Because of this case, my name has been tarnished and my career is over,” he added.

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The gym manager, Sunita Pawar, said the complainant had always had problems with everyone at the gym. “She always complained about everyone at the gym. The same day, when she had given us a written complaint about Karan, she had also complained that another client at the gym was staring at her, and mentioned that Karan had helped her then,” said the manager.

She added, “She also told us to send Karan to her residence for personal training, but we didn’t do so, as he was not comfortable with her. We have not taken any action against Karan as he is innocent and has done nothing wrong.” However, the survivor said, “He is defaming me. Anyone can create fake messages by using some software. He just wants to get away with the crime, but I won’t let that happen.”

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