H1N1 death

Aug 28, 2012, 08:08 IST | A Correspondent

Jayant Pathak (64), a resident of Dhankawadi, succumbed to swine flu yesterday. Pathak became the 10 victim of the killer disease since April 1.

He was admitted to Rao Nursing Home in Dhankawadi on August 22 and tested positive for H1N1 on Saturday. Pathak died of cardiorespiratory arrest.

He was diabetic and suffering from ischaemic heart disease. Of the six patients, who tested positive for H1N1 recently, two are on ventilator. Two more tested positive yesterday.

Over 600 people are being screened in the city daily. Total 9,8331 people have been screened till date. Tamiflu was given to 1,4631 and 210 have tested positive since April.  

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