Hairdos to beat the heat

Apr 08, 2012, 04:46 IST | Anjana Vaswani

Tired of your messy bun falling apart around your face and neck in sweaty tendrils every summer? Anjana Vaswani got Taniya Naz, artistic educator, to put together six hot looks that'll keep the hair off your face in this blistering heat, in style

Knotty and Nice 

It takes: 10 minutes
Works best on: medium to long hair; straight hair or hair that is blown-straight; smooth hair that has been thoroughly brushed.
You need:
2 clear hair elastics, hairspray, serum

Taniya Naz styles Cuffe Parade resident Nisreen Karachiwala’s hair to make Knotty and Nice, a trendy bun. Pics/ Rane Ashish

1 Gather the bangs at the front and pin up, out of the way.

2 Part the rest of your hair down the middle to the nape of your neck as if to make pigtails. You may also part it slightly off-centre, but maintain some sort of balance.

3 Run smoothing serum over the left section of your hair, then secure it with one elastic band about one or two inches from the bottom of that section. Repeat on the right side.

4 Remove the band on one section. Take the section and twist inward (in the direction of the parting) and secure it with the band as in step 3 again. Repeat with the other section.

5 Hold one section out and wrap the other around it tightly, keeping it close to the scalp and then wrap the other section around this. Tuck the end of the other section under too and secure with several large Bobby pins.

6 Unclip the section at the front, back comb it a little and arrange it to flow down the side of your head in a wave, gently pinning the ends into the bun. Spray hairspray to smoothen and secure.

Naz’s dressing table must-haves
} Matrix Vavoom
(Height of Glam) Hairspray
} Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum
} Small, medium and large Bobby pins
} U pins
} Rubber bands / elastic bands
} Paddle brush
} A tail comb
} Hairspray
} A curling Iron

Braidy Lady

It takes: 5 minutes
Works best on: medium to long hair; wavy, curly or straight hair; freshly blow-dried or unwashed hair
you need: 1 small clear hair elastic, 4 small Bobby pins, texturising cream, hairspray

1 Part hair where you usually do (side or middle parting, both would work).

2 Take a section on each side of the parting.

3 Loosely braid both sections towards the back of your head where they will meet. Apply a little texturising cream at the end of each braid so it doesn’t unravel easily.

4 Use a clear elastic to secure both braids together at the back.

5 Carefully slide the Bobby pins in under the braid, along your scalp. This will keep the loose braids from falling out. Spray on some hairspray.

Swept Away

It needs: 10 minutes
Works best on: any hair length; wavy or straight hair that is loosely curled; unwashed hair
You need: hairspray, Bobby pins

1 Flip hair upside down. Mist hairspray all over the bottom while scrunching strands, and flip head back up. Spray the top while scrunching.

2 Tease (i.e. back comb) the under layer of hair where the do is to be secured (around the centre of the back of your scalp). This will help build volume.

3 Section by section (each section should be about 3 inches, roughly), twist and pull the rest of your hair toward the area you’ve back combed.

Save your bangs for the end, though. Start right behind the bang area and work your way through the rest of the hair. It’s important to maintain balance so whenever you pull and twist a section from one side, twist and pull a similar section from the other side next. This will prevent the do from getting lopsided.

4 Bobby-pin each section to the teased area, criss-crossing the pins to really anchor the hairdo in place. After each section is placed and pinned, lightly mist hairspray on that section and smoothen it out with your fingers.

5 Complete this romantic hairstyle by pinning back your bang hair. This way, you can control how much volume, if any, you want in the front. Finish with one final mist of hairspray. 

French Twist 

It needs: 10 minutes
Works best on: medium to long hair; blow-dried straight hair that has some volume
You need: sectioning clip (see photo), lots of Bobby pins, hairspray

1 Divide your hair in half, so you have a top section and a bottom section.

2 Clip the top section out of the way.

3 In a messy way, twist the bottom section inward and secure with Bobby pins. Don’t worry about what this looks like; it will be covered up eventually.

4 Once this is secured with pins, release the top section of your hair and create a side parting.

5 Tease the hair in your crown area to add volume. Use hairspray underneath that teased area so as to hold it properly.

6 Gather the top section as if to make a ponytail. Then, tuck and roll the hair you’re holding inward into a twist.

7 Slide several large Bobby pins along the inside seams of the twist to secure. Use smaller Bobby pins to secure the outside of the French twist.

8 Smoothen out the front if it looks messy. Finish with hairspray.

High Volume Pony

It takes: 5 minutes
Works best on: medium or long hair; dirty hair
You need: headband, comb, hair elastic, clip

1 Divide the hair from ear to ear over the top of your head. Clip that front section out of the way.

2 At the crown of your head, take a two-inch section of the remaining hair and tease the area near your scalp to create the bouffant behind the headband. Messy is fine; it’ll be covered up later anyway.

3 Unclip the front section and smoothen it back over the teased area, gathering all your hair into a low pony. Reserve a 1-inch section of your longest strands in this section and secure the rest with an elastic band.

4 Wrap the reserved hair around the elastic band and secure underneath with a Bobby pin.

5 Slip on a hairband. 

Vintage side bun

It takes: 10 minutes
Works best on: medium to long hair; unwashed hair
You need: Bobby pins (large and small), hair elastics, hairspray, large-barrel curling iron, fine-tooth comb

1 Using a large-barrel iron, curl the bang section of your hair forward.

2 Clip the section into place temporarily and work on the rest of the style for now.

3 Pull the rest of the hair into a tight, low, side ponytail. Make sure it’s bump-free.

4 Use the curling iron to curl the whole side ponytail in an upward angle.

5 Once the ponytail is curled up, spray it well with hairspray, then roll it up toward your scalp and secure it with Bobby pins. You’ll need lots of Bobby pins, large and small, to be sure that the roll stays in place.

6 Once the roll is secured with pins, take the clip out of the front bang area and allow the hair to flow down in a big curl.

7 Using a fine-tooth comb, smoothen the front section over to the side the roll is on.

After combing it a couple of times, it will turn into a nice retro wave. Once that happens, spray with hairspray, then Bobby-pin the ends to the roll.

8 Finally, spray all over with hairspray and give it a minute to dry. 

Beach Hippie 

It takes: 2 minutes
Works best on: medium or long hair; unwashed, dry, slept-on hair
You need: large Bobby pins, 1-inch curling iron, serum, hairspray

1 Flip hair over and lightly spritz hairspray on underside. Flip upright and spray on the top. Finger-tousle as it dries.

2 Gather bangs and pin them out of the way.

3 Curl 1-inch sections (away from your face). Start wrapping your hair around the iron at ear level, not above. Leave your ends out of the curling iron.

4 Unpin the bang section and curl as you did the rest of your hair.

5 Insert spread fingers into hair at the nape of your neck. Shake your hair (but do not run fingers through) to make the curls messy.

6 Pin back a little hair on each side of your part. Secure together with a Bobby pin and spray.

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