Hairdos for the festive season

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Do your own hair this festive season with our DIY guide by hair and make-up genius, Daniel Bauer, who gives a step-by-step rundown to the hottest looks this season

The Side French Braid
>> Blow-dry your hair in all directions, take two large handfuls of mousse, apply it through your hair with your finger tips.

Hair set
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>> Take a deep side parting, choose a side which suits your face best; on the sectioned side, do a French braid and pin the braid-end behind your hair.

Hair set

>> Spray some hairspray onto the teeth of a fine tooth comb and shape the fringe section.

Hair set

>> For loose curls like ours, either blow-dry with the help of a large brush, set your hair in curlers or tong your hair, like in the wavy bob.

The Sleek Middle Part
>> Prep hair with shampoo and conditioner for this simple-yet-glamorous look.

Hair set

>> This requires poker straight hair. This is best achieved using a hair straightening iron. Remember to protect your hair with a heat protector. When your hair is completely straight, create a two-inch deep centre parting, pull each section behind your hair and tie together with an elastic band.

Hair set

>> If your hair is too short, pin the sections to the side of your head. The key here is to get the side sections pulled as tight and sleek at possible. Spray hairspray on your brush to achieve a greater hold.

Hair set

Daniel Bauer is the official hairstylist, TRESemme

The Wavy Bob
>> Firstly, apply some mouse to your hair and blow-dry it. Blow-dry in all directions, the aim is for a messy look. For added volume, blow-dry your hair over your head. Add some clay to to hair, around your head only.

Hair set

>> Create a deep off-centre side parting to the crown.

Hair set

>> Apply a heat protector to the hair.

Hair set

>> On each side, take small sections (vary the width of four to two fingers) and tong them. Tong away from your head starting around the chin length, tonging half the remaining hair only. Vary each section from clockwise to anticlockwise. As you’re tonging, if there is a lot of smoke, you are either keeping the hair on the tong too long, or you don’t have enough heat protector. A good rule is to place your hand on your hair as it’s tonging and release when you find it too hot.

Hair set

>> Once all sections are tonged, smoothen out the hair on the top of your head by spraying hairspray on the teeth of a fine tooth comb.
>> For those with long hair, to achieve the bob look, divide the hair into three sections. Roll the ends of the tonged hair around your fingers and pin them into the hair to achieve the desired bob length.
>> Set in place with some hairspray.

How to pair your hairdo

The wavy bob is slightly unkempt yet a very chic, young and urban hairdo. With the right attitude, women can wear just about anything and still look perfect.

The middle-part is a tad formal in its approach. Wear evening dresses, sleek styles and classics — not too voluminous and costume-y outfits.

The braid is a very casual hairdo, more sporty. This hairdo can be welcomed into a slightly semi-formal affair: casual dresses (evening but semi-formal) and just your average daily day dressing too.

— Ken Ferns, fashion designer

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