Halted! RTO drive finds 30 buses not fit to ply in Mumbai

May 29, 2014, 09:01 IST | Shashank Rao

In a series of interceptions since last week, officials caught more than 30 buses that weren’t fit enough to ply on the roads, due to broken headlights, taillights, missing side mirrors and overloading

The Regional Transport Office in Tardeo came down heavily on private bus operators in a series of surprise interceptions starting last week. Several buses were stopped from operating for not complying to set standards and regulations.

More than 30 buses were impounded by RTO officials and sent to Parel. Representational pic
More than 30 buses were impounded by RTO officials and sent to Parel. Representational pic

From May 21 to May 27, officials from the Tardeo RTO intercepted nearly 30 damaged or ill-maintained buses. These included AC and non-AC sleeper, as well as semi-sleeper passenger buses, which were found unfit to ply on roads.

Sources at the RTO said that these passenger buses that were caught had either damaged taillights, front lights, brake lights, missing side mirrors, or they were overloaded with goods and luggage.

“We have also caught 5-7 drivers who were found driving these buses. The vehicles weren’t allowed to go further after the interception,” said an official, who was part of the drive.

In one such example, a private non-AC bus going to Kolhapur from Mumbai was caught near Mankhurd a couple of days ago. An official said that this bus had a damaged taillights and brake lights, and yet was making a long journey via the highway.

“We asked the passengers to alight from the caught bus and accommodated them inside another bus that was going to the same destination,” added the RTO official. The violating vehicles have been impounded and sent to Parel.

Speed control
Moreover, these officials also spoke to drivers in front of the passengers, after making the bus halt in between. They were asked not to cross speed limits and were told to follow safety rules while driving at night. More than 70 drivers of private buses were counselled during this week.

According to a notification from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, all commercial vehicles, including private buses, manufactured after April 1, 2014, will be required to have speed governers with a limit of 65-80 kmph. All buses manufactured prior to this will have to install these governers according to the set norms.

Commandments for drivers
RTO officials asked drivers to follow these guidelines while driving in the night:

>> Keep speed under control and avoid speeding at night. Speed should be under control and restrict over speeding during night hours

>> Install speed governors as soon as possible

>> While stopping on the highway during night hours, the driver should halt the bus safely, ensuring that the vehicle behind and the passengers inside are safe

>> Front, rear and brake lights, and other equipment should be in perfect condition before starting the journey

>> Passenger buses shouldn’t be in the rightmost lane; smaller vehicles should be allowed to use this lane wherever possible

RTO says
K T Golani, regional transport officer at Tardeo RTO, said, “We caught several vehicles for violations on various grounds and sent them to court. We also informed the passengers that these were safety hazards and that they should call the RTO on the helpline number if there is any fault in bus or driver is driving rashly.”

In case your driver is speeding or the bus lacks basic requirements, call 1800220110

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