Hamilton slams Massa for refusing his apology

Oct 14, 2011, 07:20 IST | PA Sport

Ahead of Korean GP, Hamilton slams Ferrari ace for refusing his apology after Suzuka showdown

Ahead of Korean GP, Hamilton slams Ferrari ace for refusing his apology after Suzuka showdown

Lewis Hamilton yesterday accused Felipe Massa of lacking a grown-up attitude after finding his olive branch snubbed by the Brazilian. Hamilton has endured four collisions with Massa this season, much to the fury of the Ferrari driver who has made no secret of late of his disgust at the McLaren star's driving.

Car wars: Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. PICs/Getty Images

After their bust up in the interview pen post-race in Singapore, it was only natural the duo should again be involved in another minor accident in the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday. On this occasion, however, the stewards decided not to impose any penalty on Hamilton.

Hamilton expressed hope he and Massa can become friends again as he said: "I think so. Of course, the situation has not been great for some time now. I've always had respect for Felipe, and I still do regardless of the negative comments he is constantly coming up with.

"I have tried to show respect. In the last race, I am very, very sorry for what happened. I really didn't see him. Again, all respect is due, and I hope in the future we can put our guards down and he can be cool with me, as I am cool with him, so I have no problems with him."

That, though, appears unlikely to happen because when Hamilton's thoughts were aired to Massa, his response was far from welcoming. "I've nothing to say. I've seen many mistakes, and not from me," said Massa. "I've tried to speak to him and he didn't want to, and to be honest I don't care any more. I'm not going to speak to him.

After what occurred in Suzuka, Massa did call on the FIA to look more intently at Hamilton's driving given the number of incidents he has been involved in this year. Massa has now confirmed to speaking to FIA race director Charlie Whiting, adding: "The most important thing is they (the FIA) should be consistent.

I've discussed it with Charlie, had a little chat and told them to be more consistent. Nothing more than that."
Massa's reaction drew a shrug of the shoulders from Hamilton, who said: "Well, if he doesn't want to be a grown up about it, that's fine."

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