'Hamza is Indian, why blame Pakistan?'

Jun 28, 2012, 07:07 IST | Agencies

Rubbishing India's claim of the role of ISI in the 26/11 attacks, Pakistan Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik said he was proud of its spy agency

Pakistan Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik yesterday told India to give Pakistan the investigation report in the case of Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jindal before making allegations that state factors from Pakistan were involved in the November 2008 terror strikes in Mumbai.

Stop blaming us: Pakistan’s Rehman Malik defended the ISI and blamed P Chidambaram of ‘unnecessarily targeting ISI’ and claimed that whenever India accused ISI of being behind attacks, they were later proved to be wrong

“Zabiuddin is Indian, he was caught in India, he did everything in India. Why are you blaming Pakistan? He is your citizen. That means your agencies failed to control their citizen. Please have a look at your system as well, “ said Malik.

Malik pointed out that Indian authorities had a history of making allegations about Pakistan in the case of most terror attacks. Malik also pointed out that India had never apologised for erroneously blaming Pakistani elements for being involved in the attacks.

He also claimed that Hindu extremism had been spreading rapidly in India and he wished Indian law enforcement agencies all the best in dealing with it.

Malik said that the Pakistani authorities would like to get the custody of Indian army official Lt Colonel Prasad Purohit for his alleged involvement in the 2007 Samjhauta train blast case.

He also dismissed allegations of the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) being involved in aiding the non-state actors who had participated in the terror strikes in India “We are proud of our ISI. It is defending our country and is giving information to the country and outside the country… ISI is the best and they are working for the country. All those hostile agencies in the world will try to bring down the ISI,” he said.

Saying that he greatly respected the views of Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram, Malik said that Pakistani authorities would need to see the investigation report in the case of Zabiuddin.

“Please send us the details and we will send the details back,” Malik said. He said that they had found no evidence to prove Indian investigators, claims that Zabiuddin had entered Pakistan for training or to help orchestrate the terror strikes in India.

“He has never entered Pakistan through frequent routes. He has travelled through the border, he has used infrequent routes,” Malik said. He also said there was no evidence of two other accused in the 2008 attacks of Mumbai, Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed, crossing the border for training in how to use weapons at camps run by terror groups.

“What is his (Zabiuddin) exact role with Sabauddin and Faheem Ansari should be told to us,” he said. “If the three people can come to Pakistan they can mix up with the people here. They can generate the resources and then they go back and the Mumbai (attacks) happen.

So any reasonable investigator will be forced to think,” the minister said. Malik said that Pakistan had been aiding India in its battle against terrorism in the past. “Let us finish the blame game. Let us fight terrorism with cooperation,” he said. 

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