Handicapped commuters raise stink over soiled seats

Apr 11, 2013, 10:56 IST | Richa Pinto

Complain coaches reserved for them in trains are marred by faeces and electric boxes are left open; and there isn't enough holding support for them for boarding trains

Miscreants have been making train journeys more difficult for physically-challenged commuters than they already are. Days after some passengers approached Aam Aadmi Party workers in Kharghar, complaining of the pathetic condition of the coaches, party members have decided to approach railway and other authorities to bring up the issue.

Miscreants often leave cupboards with electric wires open in the handicapped compartment
Hazard: Miscreants often leave cupboards with electric wires open in the handicapped compartment

A few physically-challenged commuters informed party workers that mischief-mongers at stations like Panvel and Vashi were defecating on the seats. This poses the biggest problem for visually-challenged commuters.

Ravi Srivastava, convener of the party, said, “It is sickening to think that one human being can do something like this to another. They also brought to our notice other problems like electric boxes being left open in the compartment. The commuters also feel there is not enough holding support for them while boarding the train.”

In order to assess the gravity of the problem, the convener of the party went to Panvel station to check the compartments reserved for the physically-challenged people. “I was shocked. The compartment looked like a pigeonhole. There was excreta on the seats all over. The mischief is mostly done in the car sheds. Such incidents were only seen in trains beginning from Panvel and Vashi.”

Members of the party have now written to Central Railway general manager Subodh Jain and Union railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, asking them to look into the matter as soon as possible.

“We have decided that if the condition of these compartments is not improved within the next fortnight, we will visit the railway general manager’s office to ask for justice for these commuters,” concluded Srivastava.  

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