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Aug 24, 2012, 13:29 IST | Soumya Mukerji

French President Nicolas Sarkozy doesn't quite set the best example when it comes to chiefly charm. We tell you why it's best you don't cosy up in public like he did with wife Carla Bruni

The bigger your chair, the smaller you can stoop. Of course, French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy doesn't seem to believe that, considering he's proudly displaying smooching skills on his Facebook page.

Sex and relationships, Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Sarkozy has uploaded a video of him kissing wife Carla Bruni while she was giving an interview to a women's magazine. He has no regrets even as the media and people are pointing fingers, calling the deed "embarrassing" and "nauseating".

Sarkozy is said to have arrived on scene unannounced, kissed his wife passionately before taking a seat on the armrest of her chair. Carla looked lovestruck, and saw her hubby off with "Bon courage, chou chou" ("Be brave, honey dearest").

Brave, he may have been at fighting off the flak and putting up the clip for public view, but it certainly wasn't the wisest thing to do for a man who has 1,11,197 supporters on Facebook and introduces himself as the "Head of State". Here's why it's best if you don't do a Sarkozy.

A smooch is suicidal, hunger and sexual needs come second. Use the big O as inspiration
"Look at the Obamas. They set a classy example. People understand if the woman in question is your wife, but it's the way you express love that matters."

Sex and relationships, public display of affection, kissing in public, public smooch

Corporate guru Minocher Patel has some tips for those at the top. "You can't let go, especially when you are the face of a company, or a country as in Sarkozy's case.

Everything you say or do is taken as a cue. Your verbal and non-verbal behavior is the subject of public scrutiny, at all times, so etiquette comes before everything else.

A CEO can't put his legs up on a chair and relax, no matter how comfortable that feels. Your hunger needs and sexual needs, also come second.

The first priority is to project the best of yourself. Be extra careful when it comes to body language. This can be culture specific.

In India, even a peck on the cheek can raise eyebrows. A kiss is suicidal, in any part of the world!

>>When you see your partner after long: Ask subordinates to excuse you, shut the cabin door, or step out of office before going for a gleeful grab.
>>When your wife drops by after a gynaec visit, announcing she's preggy: Refrain from filmy indulgence. A kiss on the hand is all that's accepted, no matter how amazing you feel.
>>When you are feeling plain-old horny: Take a deep breath, stare at the pile of files on your desk. That should do the trick.
>>Fix up a date for later if the urge is uncontrollable, or sneak out for a bit. Remember, the boardroom isn't your bedroom.
>>When you want to scream "I love you" to the cutesie in the next bay: Shut your heart up. Instead, instant message/SMS the person or work on some eye skills. Save the rest for later.

If your employees treat the office as Temptation Island, here's how to make manners return 
Set an example. Smiles, compliments and handshakes are okay with colleagues of the opposite sex, but refrain from anything that will raise eyebrows, including sitting with him/her behind closed doors for over an hour.
>>Review the code of conduct and put it up at prominent places for quick recall.
>>Make it clear that spouse and family is restricted to visitors' meeting area only.
>>If someone flouts the rules, give him/her a soft but firm warning, and immediately, albeit not publically.
>>If you have been extremely liberal with intimacy levels, call for a meeting to explain why a change is necessary.
>>Raise distraction as the foremost reason, resulting in reduced productivity and non-serious attitude.
>>Explain how you think a personal-professional divide is a must, and involve everyone in the discussion interactively. NEVER cite individual instances.

Who: Gaytri Bajaj, 35 year-old Managing Director of Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa
Her mantra: Devise a code of conduct that keeps physical contact to a bare minimum. "Namaskar is the only greeting used in my firm, so that cuts out unnecessary touch, even if the haute couture clan walks in."

But that's not to say that this boss is overtly strict. She knows that'll kill half the fun. "I'm a boss first, but if someone's facing a personal problem, I'm approachable as a friend.

To me, a casual hug or throwing an arm around someone is okay, as long as that's where it stops. Dressing provocatively, boozing or using bedroom lingo is unacceptable.

The first thing you are taught in hospitality business, is that you are setting an example 24X7. So, losing myself even for a moment, would mean compromising on my job."

Abhikanksha Sharma, Management student
Even if the person concerned is your spouse, you need to keep a check. Rules are rules, and getting cosy is totally unprofessional.If you are overwhelmed by happiness at a particular achievement, an embrace or a small peck on the cheek is okay. Nothing more. Sitting together to lunch, some times, is permissible.

Rishi Bhattacharjee, Marketing Professional
Decorum differs from job to job. If you spend after-work hours together, chill out at movies, and indulge in below-the-belt jokes with close colleagues, sharing personal pictures, videos and fun stuff over social networking sites is okay. It depends on how well you balance it all, and the rapport you share. 

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