Handy tips to keep your feet ready to face the monsoon

Jun 23, 2015, 08:06 IST | Dhara Vora

From DIY pedicure products to tips to keep infections at bay, our handy guide will help you keep your feet ready to face the monsoon

We always ignore our feet, so, foot care products are always welcome. One such product is VLCC's Pedicure-Manicure Hand and Foot Care Kit.

What's inside?
The kit contains five products for a five-step pedicure — a hand and foot cleanser, cuticle oil, hand and foot scrub, hand and foot cream and orange anti-tan pack.

How to use it?
The first step involves a soak in warm water with the cleanser mixed in. This mild cleanser works well as a relaxing soak with its citrus-ey smell. It's not extremely soapy so if you prefer lather, you might have to add more product. Done with the soak, next comes the myrrh cuticle oil. The oil is not too heavy, so it can work as a standalone product for a night ritual for your nails too. A single use didn't do much for our dry skin though. This is followed with a walnut shell scrub, that also has lemongrass to help stimulate blood circulation.

The scrub worked wonders, as it did not have excessive walnut, as we have experienced with certain scrubs before and hence did not scratch our skin. Though for though skin on the heels, we recommend a foot scrubber as this wouldn't be sufficient. Next comes the cream for massaging the feet and hands. This lightweight cream has great texture and is not too thick; thereby, massaging it into the skin becomes easy. For those with extremely tough skin, this won't be sufficient though. The last step is the anti tan pack. The pack recommends that it should be left on for 20 minute; chances are – that you will be bored by then. We left it on as recommended.


The end result:
Our skin is much smoother than before thanks to the walnut scrub. The anti tan pack made a minute difference, though our skin does appear fairer. One can even use the cream post the mask, as it is not too greasy. At '480, the kit is value-for-money. Also, based on the amount of product we had to use, one kit (each tube being 50gm and the oil 10ml) will give you several sessions. Don't expect miraculous results, but it's a great buy for regular care for your feet and the overall fragrance is refreshing especially during the rains.

At: Select beauty stores, VLCC outlets and web portals.
Cost: Rs 480

Other buys

This eucalyptus and mint foot spray is meant to cool your feet, fight odour and deodorise your feet. You can spray it inside your shoes too. They also sell a foot scrub and a heel repair cream.
Cost: Rs 298
SMS: Oriflame to 59994 or connect with an Oriflame consultant


Enriched with avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, Kiehl's Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer is meant for exceptionally dry and callused skin and can be used on elbows too.
Cost: Rs 1,580
At: All Kiehl's outlets in the city.
Log on to: www.KiehlsIndia.com

The Body Shop offers a peppermint range of individual foot products that includes foot scrub, foot soak (in pic), foot spray, foot lotion and cooling leg gel.
Cost: Rs 895 for the foot soak
At: The Body Shop outlets in the city.
Log on to: www.thebodyshop.in


Mix besan with full milk and turmeric

>> Mix besan with full milk and turmeric. apply this paste on your hands and feet.
>> For those with extremely dry skin, mix oats with sugar crystals and raw milk. Use this as a scrub on the dry areas.
>> In a tub, dissolve half to one tablespoon salt in warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes two to three days a week.
>> Mix one part vinegar with two parts water adn soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes once a day for a week.
- Inputs from Dr Madhuri Agarwal, consultant dermatologist and aesthetic physician

coconut oil rub

Feel for your feet
>> It’s best to wear open footwear to dry your feet up quickly.
>> Keep a pair of footwear in your office if you need to wear closed shoes.
>> Dust your feet with an anti fungal powder reccommended by your doctor. One can also reach office, wash your feet and again dust them with the powder again.
>> Tea tree oil is great as an anti-fungal treatment.
>> Use a moisturiser to keep your feet hydrated. A coconut oil rub in the night works wonders too.

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