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Mar 24, 2014, 08:49 IST | Kanika Sharma

Sid’s Adda is an inviting space to hang out with friends over café food. The humble venture looks to be inspired — and is halfway there already — but the kitchen needs a re-look

Seven Bungalow’s leafy lanes offer a cosy stretch of eateries for Andheriites to choose from. Sid’s Adda, a new entrant on the block, sports a shaded vista and stands in a location where several predecessors had failed to draw in crowds. 

We strolled in one weeknight to find if this one, could be telling a different story. We met Siddharth (or Sid) who owns the place; he took our takeaway order while we eased in at the carom board-converted table.

The Spaghetti Bolognese was yummy from what we could glean amidst too much of spice

The walls inside this moderate space exhibits blown-up images of presumed patrons and a glass pane full of sticky notes written by happy diners. What was endearing to note was that our host doubled up as server and chef, doing many roles at a time. Yet, the glass pane dividing the al fresco area had a transparent haphazard kitchen for sight.

We ordered all in one go, for our takeaway dinner — Spaghetti Bolognese (`176), Chocolate Dimsum (`106), Japanese Fish Burger (`116), Mutton Chops (`136) and to while away time, Pomegranate juice (`126). As mosquitoes pricked us all over, we waited for 45 minutes because multi-faceted Sidd was confused if the Mutton Chops were packed, if at all. They weren’t. 

The Chocolate Dimsum were a welcome surprise, and the curious should definitely drop by

Opening our package eventually, a medley of smells wafted while we sliced a bite of the mutton chop. Fried and filled with potatoes and mutton mince, we have been genuinely confused if ‘cutlet’ is what it should be called. A good start for the palate though. Next up, we forked into the spaghetti that had a well-textured sauce that coated the pasta just
right. Now, if only it weren’t too spicy…

There had been many a chuckles and rummaging through search engines to understand what the Japanese Fish Burger on the menu was. Voluptuous, the rocket leaves, onions and tomatoes oozed out. Digging into the huge burger, our patty faintly tasted of salty fish.

The place can be a good hangout zone, provided it pulls up its socks

Last was the surprise that we had been yearning to taste — Chocolate Dimsum. We have to warn you that melted chocolate always looks good, and thus the coconut-dusted, steamed refined flour balls popped the semi-liquid elixir.

It was a little less (which always is). And, the flour was a little too much.

Still, looking back, we know if Sid and his gang in the kitchen invest in a cook who knows his/her technique, the yummy flavours can be taken to several levels higher, and his Adda can expect crowds that will return for more.

At Shop no 7, Gautam View Co-op Housing Society, opposite Axis Bank, Andheri (W).
Call 9769612485

Sid’s Adda didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals

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