'Hard Choices', speeches serve Hillary well

May 19, 2016, 08:24 IST | Agencies

The Democratic WH hopeful makes $6.4 million by book royalties and paid speeches

Washington: Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton made a whopping $6.4 million in book royalties and paid speeches in 2015, while her husband and former US president Bill Clinton earned $5.25 million from 22 speeches.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

The 68-year-old former secretary of state earned $5 million in royalties from her book “Hard Choices” and another $1.4 million from paid speeches, before she launched her second presidential campaign, according to the financial disclosure form released by the Clinton campaign.

In all, the Clinton couple earned a staggering $6.725 million from paid speeches alone in the year 2015. The disclosure, that came hours after Republican Donald Trump released a statement putting his personal wealth at $10 billion.

Clinton’s narrow win in Kentucky

Hillary Clinton yesterday eked out a narrow win in Kentucky over her stubborn foe Bernie Sanders, who was victorious in Oregon.

Trump would speak to Kim Jong-Un
Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has said he would speak with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, in what would be a dramatic shift in US policy. “I would speak to him; I would have no problem speaking to him,” he said. Until now, the US strategy has been to try and isolate Pyongyang.

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