Hard Kaur in a verbal tussle at a Bandra nightspot

Sep 25, 2013, 08:46 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Hard Kaur was involved in a verbal spat at a Bandra restobar recently. The crooner had a tiff with a young guest who allegedly called her names

Refusing to take things lying down, Hard retaliated causing a commotion at the venue.

Hard Kaur
Hard Kaur at the event. Pic/ViraI Bhayani

Says an onlooker, “There were several Bollywood as well as small screen folk at the venue as they had been invited for the relaunch of the restobar at Waterfield Road over the weekend. Around 11 pm there were suddenly raised voices near the entrance. Guests in the vicinity were taken aback to see Hard indulging engaged in a heated argument with a guy.”

Adds the source, “He apparently made some digs referring to her singing abilities. Hard Kaur gave him an earful. There was also some pushing and shoving around. Guests intervened and made the two go to different corners of the venue.”

Hard who got noticed after her tracks like Ek Glassy followed by Move Your Body and Talli is known to be a party animal. As a guest puts it, “Everyone was having a good time and Hard felt his reaction was unwarranted. She gave it back to him.”

The singer preferred not to comment about the incident. In the past too, Hard had created a spectacle of herself. At the opening of a café in Andheri she had apparently insisted on going up the dais and singing a song, much to everyone’s chagrin. While at another event, she appeared to be in high spirits trying to be the centre of attention. Looks like wherever Hard goes, noise follows. 

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