Hard-pressed for cash, family funds tortured stray dog's treatment

Sep 16, 2013, 01:21 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

The family pooled in Rs 5,000 for the dog's treatment after locals mercilessly beat up the stray, even gouging its left eye out

With seven mouths to feed and a monthly income of Rs 20,000, Mira Road resident Saba Khan and her family are just about making ends meet. Any addition to their family would surely put them in a precarious situation. But, putting aside all reservations, the family has taken into their care a stray dog, which was badly beaten up local residents recently.

Animal lovers: Saba Khan’s family pulled out all stops to treat a stray dog whose left eye was gouged out by locals

On September 2, Saba came across the stray dog in a very poor condition, lying down in her residential complex. It was in urgent need of medical help, as the dog’s left eye had been gouged out and it had bruise marks all over the body.

Saba, and her two daughters, Aisha and Anam 

“When I saw the dog, tears rolled down my eyes. It was in terrible pain and I could sense it,” said Saba. She immediately informed her daughters about the dog’s condition. Two of her daughters -- Aisha and Anam -- then started contacting NGOs asking for help in order to save the animal.

The family decided to take the dog to their house where they gave it some food. After contacting several NGOs, the Thane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals sent its ambulance at around 3.30 pm and the dog was rushed to their hospital.

A doctor at the hospital informed the family that the animal was given antibiotics and was responding well. But, it had to undergo an operation, for which Rs 5,000 was needed. Already hard-pressed, the family knew it would be a challenge to arrange the cash.

But, their love for animals came to the fore. “We already have a dog at home due to which many of our relatives don’t enter our house, as keeping dogs at home is forbidden in our religion. They are faithful animals and we decided to put aside all apprehensions to save it”, said Saba.

The family told the doctors to proceed with the operation. They managed to arrange Rs 2,000, but getting the remaining amount proved to be difficult.

Saba’s second daughter Aisha, who had to leave her graduation studies mid-way in order to support her family, then contacted her friends and colleagues requesting any help to save the dog. “We are happy that we managed to arrange the money with a little help from friends. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery,” said Aisha.

“Dogs are always mistreated in our area. Even when I was calling the NGOs, none of them were interested in helping the dog. Because of the ill treatment they suffer on the streets, we have decided to look after another four stray dogs from our area,” said Saba.

“When the dog was brought to us, his left eye was popping out. We administered antibiotics and successfully operated on him after two days. He is now in a better condition. He will be discharged after four days,” said Dr Sanjay Jadhav from Thane SPCA. 

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