Harry Styles has a crush on Jennifer Lawrence?

Mar 18, 2013, 02:39 IST | PTI

One Direction singer Harry Styles reportedly has a crush on Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

According to reports, Styles wants to meet Lawrence and ask her out on a date, reported Showbizspy. "Harry first noticed her during the Golden Globes and one day he YouTubed loads of videos of her and loved how funny and self-deprecating she was.

He even wrote about his crush on his Facebook page, describing Jennifer as 'perfect'. "He's not getting ahead of himself, but he'd love to meet her though she's one of the few girls he might not be able to keep his cool around," a source said. Styles has previously been linked to Taylor Swift.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles. Pic/Santa Banta

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence. Pics/Santa Banta

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