'Haryana government is DLF's agent'

Oct 10, 2012, 05:33 IST | Agencies

The anti-corruption activist distributed documentary evidence to the media accusing the Haryana govt of giving out land to the realty firm at cheap rates

Anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal yesterday described the Haryana government as an “agent” of realty major DLF, which has been linked with Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra.

In black and white: Arvind Kejriwal said all the evidence they have provided makes it a fit case for an income tax raid. Pic/AFP

“The Haryana government has become an agent of DLF, it is not a people’s government,” said Kejriwal, and asked Haryana to bring out a white paper on its dealings with the company. He cited court records and other documents to back his allegations.

Days after he alleged questionable business dealings between Vadra and DLF, Kejriwal, who distributed documentary evidence to the media, accused the Haryana government of giving out land at cheap rates to the DLF.

“Panchayat land has been handed over to DLF; HUDA land has been handed over to DLF, FAR (floor area ratio) has been increased for DLF, land use rule have been changed (for DLF),” he said.

Several farmers who alleged that the Haryana government had usurped land from them, using fraudulent methods, also spoke at the press conference.

Kejriwal said the Punjab and Haryana High Court had in recent times noted the “malafide nexus” between the Haryana government and DLF.

Kejriwal — a former income tax officer — hit out at Finance Minister P Chidambaram for speaking in defence of Vadra.

“All the evidence we have provided today makes it a fit case for an income tax raid,” he said. “I have been an income tax officer, and I know it. But after the country’s finance minister speaks in favour of the Vadras, which officer will have the guts to give (Vadra) a notice?”

Noted lawyer and India Against Corruption (IAC) member Shanti Bhushan added that the questionable business dealings between DLF and Vadra were very much covered by the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Kejriwal also wanted to know why Congress leaders and government ministers were coming to the defence of Vadra if he was only a private citizen.

“I want to know what is the relation between the Congress and Vadra? What is the relation between Vadra and the government?

“Why is the finance minister defending him? Why is the law minister defending him? All the ministers are trying to save him.”

Last week, Kejriwal had fired his first salvo when he alleged that Vadra's fortunes had escalated sharply because of his business dealings with DLF.

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