Have a great hair day even in the rain. Here's how...

Jul 05, 2013, 15:24 IST | The Guide Team

Hair care could be a tough task for most guys, especially during the monsoon. The GUIDE invited a few hairstylists to share their tips

We know that you spend hours styling your hair, and your closet has more hair care products then, umm, clothes, but this monsoon you might want to keep it short and simple. As hairstylists in the city advise, the extra moisture in the monsoon requires one to take extra care of their hair.

“The scalp gets very oily during monsoon, hence one should apply little shampoo at least everyday to keep it dry,” says Sasha Kelawala, hairstylist at Mad O Wot. Kelawala also advises against using heavy-duty hair care products, as they may fail to give the desired results due to extra moisture in the air.

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“Don’t go for the matte look,” warns celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim. “If you wish to stylise your hair, opt for soft gel, as it lasts longer and gives you a wet look that gels well with monsoon,” he adds.

As far as hairstyles are concerned, both Hakim and Kelawala suggest keeping it short and simple. “You could go for a Mohawk, a crew cut or a short and spikey look, but whatever you do, keep it on the shorter side,” says Kelawala.

Keeping the current trends in mind, Hakim says that one can also try the pulled back hair look with really sharp trims near the ears, as in the film
The Great Gatsby, or one could go for crew cuts or short hair with slightly standing spikes. But while choosing a hairstyle Hakim says that one must
take their face shape in mind. “If your face is round shaped, opt for a hairstyle that adds volume on top, like pulled back hair with side partition, and if you have square shaped face, avoid keeping it sloppy around the ears or on the forehead,” he signs off. 

Short spikes:
This look require low maintenance, and keeping it short means, your hair will retain the form without applying any hair gel. This goes well with just anything. Just tell your hairstylist that you are trying to get over a heart break. He would know.

Robert Pattinson

Partitioned, pulled back: Use just a little bit of soft gel to get this classic look. Ideally suited for guys who want their hair to do the talking. Complement it with a nice formal shirt or suit. Carry a picture of Leonardo Di Caprio in The Great Gatsby.

Lewis Hamilton

Crew cut: The most simple and no-maintenance hair cut ever, this is perfectly suited for guys who just don’t give, you know, anything about their hairstyle. If you don’t like Lewis Hamilton carry a picture of Will Smith.

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