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Jul 07, 2014, 08:17 IST | Soma Das

If the incessant downpour is making you crave for a piping-hot snack, head to Kathi Kabab Rolls at Lower Parel to binge on their unique, delish rolls, and sandwiches too

Kathi Kabab Rolls
Food: Good
Service: Quick
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One of the famous street food items in Kolkata is the Kathi Kabab Roll. While it was originally named for the Kathi Kabab enclosed in a layered paratha creating the roll, today the roll is available with a variety of fillings. Naturally, we were excited when we heard of the kiosk, Kathi Kabab Rolls, located close to High Street Phoenix and hoped that their fare would be memorable.

Chicken Burnt Garlic Mayo Roll was the best roll of the lot. Pic/Shadab Khan
Chicken Burnt Garlic Mayo Roll was the best roll of the lot. Pic/Shadab Khan

The kiosk overlooks the street and has a giant signboard. The menu is extensive and packs in a diverse range of rolls that come with paneer, vegetables, chicken and egg fillings. The place also offers select sandwiches.

Egg Hummus Roll was satiating
Egg Hummus Roll was satiating

Kathi Kabab Rolls is run by Satish Shewale (who also mans the counter). This engineer by profession worked for 14 years in the US. Later, he got intrigued by the food industry and pursued that for two decades.


Famished, we started off with the Chicken Burnt Garlic Mayo Roll (Rs 70), which includes marinated chicken, mayonnaise (made in-house) and onions on a lachcha paratha. The roll was delicious and the tender bits of chicken, the fluffy paratha and the burnt garlic made for a yummy combination. We could imagine ourselves happily eating one every day. It was satiating as well and generous in terms of chicken pieces. Score one.

Next up, we savoured the Egg Hummus Roll (Rs 55). It sounded interesting and consisted of a lachcha paratha with a filling of tava-fried egg, onions and hummus. The egg and the hummus made for a great combination where the flavours blended well.

Lastly, on Shewale’s recommendation, we tried the Egg Texas Barbeque Rolls (Rs 55), which includes a tava-fried egg with barbeque sauce and onions. Shewale explained that it includes rum, which is smoked on the premise. It had a sweet undertone, and was messy to eat. The Chicken Roll was the runaway winner. And yes, we will return for the Egg Cuban Roll and the Chicken Chocolate Roll, next time.

Open: 10 am to 10 pm
At: Bara Building, SB Marg, Lower Parel.
Call: 9819284454
Log on to: www.facebook.com/KATHI KABABROLLS

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