Have an eggs-tra special day!

Oct 12, 2012, 07:48 IST | The Guide Team

Today is World Egg Day, so get cracking and go scouting for your eggstatic indulgence

Eggs have often been described by nutritionists as a large vitamin cocktail. Not only do eggs contain the highest quality of protein with the right mix of essential amino acids to build tissues, but are also said to possess nutrients second only to mother’s milk. To celebrate the versatility and health benefits of the egg, every year, since 1966, the second Friday in October is celebrated as World Egg Day. To help you celebrate this day, The GUIDE has whipped up a handy selection of dishes that salute the humble egg.

Egg Kebab at Zitar. Pic/ Anita Anand

Poached Eggs with Honey
This is a great dish to start the day with. Two eggs are poached and instead of being served with salt and pepper it is seasoned with a dollop of honey. An Iranian recipe, the dish is meant to keep thirst at bay for hours on end. Said to be favourite among body builders, the story goes that wrestlerbody builder Kaizzad Capadia pops by to eat this dish every other day.
Head to: Koolar & Co, 541 Noor Mahal, junction of Dr Ambedkar Road and H Adenwala Road, King’s Circle, Matunga.
Call: 24125062
You Pay: Rs 65

Egg KEbab
Can you imagine eating a tandoori egg kebab? Well, you don’t need to search far, just taste this version. The kebab is made by boiling the egg then chopping it into pieces and marinating it in different spices. It is then shaped into ovals, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and put on skewers in the tandoor.
Head to: Zitar, G1-G3 Ventura, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.
Call: 40157888

You Pay: Rs 280 (plus taxes)

Farmer’s Omelette
This is one time when one can get to eat the chicken and the egg at the same time. The Farmer’s Omelette is a nutritious dish, packed with a stuffing that includes chicken, olives and par-boiled potato.
Head to: Egg Sunday, Shop No 6, Mira Towers, Near MegaMall, Oshiwara.
Call: 26319228
You Pay: Rs 90

Egg Roll
When it comes to the Calcutta style roll, the egg roll usually falls pretty low in the pecking order, after all, when you have succulent chicken, mutton or even kebab rolls why would you opt for the humble egg version. If you happen to be an egg lover, this version will not fail to satisfy you. What you get is a perfectly fried golden paratha slathered with a fried egg, with a stuffing of green chillies, caramelised onions and a dash of lime. If your taste veers to a more saucy version, request for tomato and chilli sauce to be added to the filling.
Head to: Hangla, opposite Royal Accord,near Swami Samarth Mandir, Lokhandwala (Andheri West). Also at Powai, Bandra and Malad.
Call: 7738364230
You Pay: Rs 45 

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