'Have severe itching after boyfriend ejaculates inside me'

Mar 06, 2014, 13:00 IST | Dr Prakash Kothari, Rachna Kothari

Clinical sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari and Counseling Psychologist Rachna Kothari answer your sex-related queries

Q. Whenever I have sex with my husband, I am fine. But when I have sex with my boyfriend, I have severe itching all over the body after he ejaculates inside me. What could be the cause?
— Itchy
A. This is rare. And this could be because you might be allergic to his semen. The only way by which you can find out whether you are allergic or not is to use a condom. If you don’t get itching then probably you are allergic to your boyfriend’s semen. The only way to avoid this problem is to always use a condom.

Q. My best friend made me meet a guy for marriage. After couple of meetings, he keeps telling me that he desires me but doesn’t love me! Do you think I should consider him?
— Confused
A. I’m sure you already have a hint of the answer while you ask this. Desire in its raw meaning refers to a strong want, craving, longing (usually sexual) that arises out of your particular characteristics like physical beauty, level-headedness or savvy wits! Whereas, Love transcends everything. Love is unconditional. You love in spite of whereas you desire because of. We’re sure you’d rather choose a guy who loves you first and then desires you.

Q. Is the doggie position really more pleasurable than other positions as claimed by many?
— Adventurous
A. Doggie or Rear entry has been found to be one of the most satisfying positions. In this position the male kneels upright with legs together facing the female’s back and the female kneels head down, with her legs apart. It is probably more pleasurable because besides a comfortable entry, it leaves a man’s hands free for fondling the woman’s clitoris and breasts.

Q. What is the difference between castration and vasectomy?
— Curious
A. Castration involves the excision of the testicles whereas vasectomy is a simple and safe procedure in which the vas deference, (which carry the sperms from testes) are cut on either side and tied so that sperms do not travel further.

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