Have you got the Goosebumps, yet?

May 29, 2012, 07:34 IST | Soma Das

Stock up on your favourite Gujarati pickles or create your own version by logging on to the month-old website Goosebumpspickles.com

For over a decade, 45-year-old housewife Mita M has been making pickles as part of her annual routine. Her entire family would lap up her homemade treats, and she ended up making 600 to 700 kg of pickles, annually for friends and family. It was her son-in-law Pinank Shah (30), who works at a digital advertising agency in Goregaon, who came across the idea of selling the pickles online.

Green Chilli Pickle

“There were no sites that specifically sold pickles online. It’s a niche concept and we decided to venture and also offer people the option to customise their own pickles, which are then home delivered. They have validity for a year,” explains Shah before telling us the story behind the unusual name — “It emerged from the fact that eating pickles often gives you goosebumps.”

On offer are a variety of pickles ranging from sweet and spicy Chunda and Gol Keri as well as sour and spicy options such as Gunda Keri, Red / Green Chilli pickle, Khatta Keri and Chana Methi. The site also has a Make Your Own Pickle option where you can choose ingredients including lemon, ginger and carrots to be added to your pickle. The response has been overwhelming so far, reveals Shah; in 25 days, orders have poured in from Delhi and Bangalore apart from various parts of Mumbai.

These pickles are handmade by Mita and her daughter along with a helper. “Work is on in full swing to store bulk quantities which will be helpful during the monsoon. The pickles are kept in special jars that keep away the moisture,” he says adding that innovations are also on, “We are exploring the possibility of introducing season-based fruit pickles such as strawberry and cherry pickles. Trials are on to also use western ingredients such as jalapeno and olives for making pickles.”

The minimum price is Rs 280 for 500 gram and the maximum price is Rs 2,200 for 5 kilos. They offer complimentary samples as well.

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