Hazare's new movement gets rousing SMS support from UP

Feb 04, 2013, 06:59 IST | Vivek Sabnis

After appealing for recruits in Patna last week, Anna's Ralegansiddhi office received 6,502 SMSes of interested joinees till yesterday afternoon; over 1,200 were sent from Varanasi alone

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has much reason to smile, as his Ralegansiddhi office was flooded with SMSes from people in Maharashtra and Bihar, expressing intention to join his new movement. Hazare’s Ralegansiddhi office received 6,502 SMSes till yesterday afternoon. Interestingly, over 1,200 SMSes also came in from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

All for a cause: Anna Hazare meets supporters at Ralegansiddhi. File Pic

Hazare had appealed to the people to join his new movement ‘Rashtriya Janatrantra Morcha’ (RJM) at Patna on January 30. A mobile number (9923599234) was provided to joinees to send in their queries. Enthusiastic groups hailing from Bihar visited Ralegansiddhi yesterday to meet Hazare and show their support for the movement.

“Volunteers are joining the RJM in large numbers,” said Datta Awari, PA to Hazare at Ralegansiddhi. “Anna is excited and happy with the response seen during the first two days from the people of Bihar and Maharashtra. Anna said people are joining the movement in droves for the right cause. Over 1,200 people from Varanasi had sent SMSes to express their desire to join the RJM. This evening the number reached 6,502 SMSes,” Awari said. 

He added that most SMSes came in from graduates, who are working. Of these, 3,500 are women or girls. Hazare had launched his nation wide anti-corruption rally at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan last Wednesday and announced his new RJM movement. The crusader stayed at socialist leader Jayprakash Narayan’s house during the visit. Hazare described the RJM as the second freedom struggle.

Voices near home
Dr Sunil Gandhe of Ahmadnagar said, “Anna had strayed away from his local supporters in his own district. He has embraced the people from other states and had forgotten many of his us, who are his old colleagues. Others are misusing Anna for their selfish gains and finally he realized this. He has welcomed us back again and I, like many others, are rejoining Anna to fight his final battle.”

Folksinger Tanuja Kumari, of Patna, Bihar, said, “I liked Annaji’s speech in Patna and promptly decided to join his movement because there are many atrocities being committed against women. I want to ensure that women are respected and treated equally and the evil practice of female feticide is stopped.”

Lata Lagad, of Parabhani, Maharashtra, is joining Hazare’s movement with her husband. She said, “I have full faith that he can change the nation with his vision and dream of a better India. I am ready to do everything possible in the movement against corruption.

Shyam Yadav, of Bihar, said, “Anna is the second Jayprakash Narayan of the country and I am sure he would bring around a revolution to make the political scenario clean. I am ready to obey all his orders for the movement.”  

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