Thane massacre: Sole survivor Sobiya Bharmal reveals brother Hasnain Warekar would sexually abuse their late mentally challenged sister

Mar 06, 2016, 11:13 IST | Faisal Tandel

In police statement accessed by SMD, Thane massacre survivor says her mother thrashed their mentally disabled sister for revealing sexual exploitation by murderous brother

Jab Jabin (Hasnain Warekar’s wife) ghar ke uparwale kamre me sone jaati hai... aur ammi market mein jaati hai, toh Hasnain mere saath aakar mere badan ko chhoota hai. Mujhe apne upar baithne ko kehta hai… aur mere kapde utar kar mere saath gandi harkat karta hai,” Baitul Warekar, late mentally challenged sister of Thane massacre accused Hasnain Warekar, is said to have told their sister and the attack’s only survivor, Sobiya Bharmal, 21, as is revealed in her police statement accessed by SMD. Sobiya is believed to have told Baitul to stay alert and around her mother Azgari at all times.

Thane massacre survivor, Sobiya Bharmal, and brother Hasnain Warekar
Thane massacre survivor, Sobiya Bharmal, and brother Hasnain Warekar

The 10-page statement which is a record of an over 9-hour conversation that she had from her Titan hospital bed with the Thane police, was recorded from 7 pm on Friday to 4 am on Saturday, and included gory details of the ongoing sexual exploitation of Baitul by Hasnain, 32, who killed 14 members of his family at their Thane home on February 28. The Kapurbawadi police, police sub inspector Kalyani Patil from the Anti-Human Trafficking Cell, and other officers were present when the statement was taken.

On January 6, Sobiya and her fiver month old daughter Alfiya (also killed) came to her maternal Kasarwadavli home, on their way to a clinic for a polio dose. This is when Baitul revealed the details to Sobiya. When she confronted their mother, Azgari she is believed to have assaulted Baitul for revealing the same to Sobiya, her statement says, according to Ashitosh Dhumbre, Joint Commissioner of Police, Thane.

It was on February 6, when all the three sisters (Sobiya, Maria and Shabina) had met for niyaz or a cultural programme at Maria's residence in Navi Mumbai, when Sobiya shared the details with them Hasnain is believed to been standing behind a curtain and overhearing the chat. Following this, his attitude towards them changed.

According to Dhumbre, the psychiatric drug that a Pune-based doctor had prescribed for Baitul was being taken by Hasnain. Azgari had caught him with it once and he had said that it was a mild medicine.

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