'He plans on leaving the country after cops raped him'

Feb 11, 2014, 07:19 IST | Varun Singh

The victim was returning home from a party when two cops recognised him from the LGBT parade in Ahmedabad in December last year and allegedy sexually assaulted him; friends say he won’t file a complaint and plans to live abroad

Ahmedabad: Policemen, who are supposed to be the upholders of law allegedly turned predators on Sunday early morning and attacked a 23-year-old at SG Road, Ahmedabad. The victim, Apurva (name changed) said that after leaving a friend’s party on Sunday he was walking towards his parked car at SG Road when two policemen approached him, assaulted him and later allegedly raped him.

LGBT supporters and members said that the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Section 377 has increased prejudice against them in the public arena. Representation Pic/AFP

According to Swagat Shah, a LGBT activist from Gujarat, the two cops identified Apurva, as he had participated in the gay pride parade in Ahmedabad on December 1, 2013. “Once they approached Apurva, they asked him if he had participated in the pride parade. When Apurva said yes, they started harassing him by asking him for his licence and car papers. Apurva tried to get away but the two cops started hurling abuses at him and started beating him with sticks. If that wasn’t enough, they then forced themselves on him,” said Shah.

Bloodied: Images of Apurva’s bloodied knee have been circulated among LGBT members and supporters who are outraged

Following the incident, pictures of Apurva’s injuries began to circulate among members of the LGBT community, who are enraged. According to his friends, Apurva will not be filing a police complaint. “The police that raped him, won’t be able to give him justice,” said another member of the queer community of Gujarat.

When MiD DAY contacted Apurva, he said that he did not wish to speak about the incident. Apurva’s friends later told MiD DAY that Apurva is now considering moving out of the country and living abroad. LGBT members are planning to carry out a protest. Despite our repeated attempts of contacting Shivanand Jha, the commissioner of Ahmedabad police, he did not respond to our calls.

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