He should be with me, not my best friend

Updated: 01 December, 2017 08:23 IST | Dr Love | Mumbai

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Dr. LoveI want my best friend's boyfriend, because I think he's perfect for me. They don't get along and she doesn't see it. He would be just right for me because we have so much in common. What do I do?

It's obvious that neither of them sees things the way you do. If they did, they wouldn't be in a relationship, and he would automatically be drawn to you. Millions of women think George Clooney is just right for them too, but he begs to differ.

My brother has a friend whom I have a massive crush on. He knows about this, but deliberately bad-mouths me in front of her just to annoy me. I have asked him to back off repeatedly, but this only encourages him to say more nasty things whenever she is in the same room. I don't know why he does this, because it's not as if he is attracted to her in any way. It must be out of spite, and it has angered me so much that I barely speak to him anymore. How do I get him to behave a little better? I can't complain to my parents because they won't even take this seriously. I would like to have a better relationship with him, but can't until he understands that his jokes hurt me a lot.

Siblings can be cruel for reasons known only to themselves. Your brother is probably just under the impression that this is a joke, because watching a family member squirm is a joy for some people. If he doesn't get how you feel, there's no point trying to convince him until he grows up a little. I suggest you ignore him, which is what bullies the world over find hardest to tackle. All he wants is attention, and reacting only feeds it and encourages him to continue. If you like his friend, speak to her directly and apologise for your brother's behaviour, so she recognises who the mature one is.

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First Published: 01 December, 2017 06:00 IST

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