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Feb 27, 2014, 11:15 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Here is your grand weekend-starter if you are a fan of independent cinema or music or for that matter both!  IndiEarth film screenings are being hosted to promote non-mainstream cinema with a common thread of music that binds these stories together

In the latest edition of IndiEarth film screenings, three short films based on the lives of three legendary singers will be showcased. The first film Parveen Sultana — The Queen of Melody, directed by Kaberi Chakraborty, is the story of one of the foremost classical vocalists in Assamese Hindustani. The figure of Hindustani classical legend Begum Parveen Sultana lends the topic to the second film, titled, A Day In The Life, which is a musical video collaboration between guitarist / composer Bhrigu Sahni, based out of Boston / New York and Jamun that is a collective of independent forward thinking filmmakers based out of New Delhi by Ayesha Sood. 

A still from the film, Songs of Mashangva

The final film that will be screened as part of the programme is Songs of Mashangva, directed by Oinam Doren. The short film is a national award-winning biographical documentary shot in the magical lands of Shillong, Kolkata, Rajasthan, and Nagaland including the remote villages of the Ukhrul district in Manipur. The beautifully captured films shot over 18 months, documents rare Tangkhul Folk songs and chants.

Talking about the film further, director Oinam Doren says, “The idea for the musical film was conceived way back in college when I was doing my graduation and heard Rewben Mashangva’s music for the first time on a walkman. The melodious tunes which Mashangva described as Naga Folk Blues rooted to the Tangkhul Folk music was something I have never heard before. Eight years later, the father of Naga Folk Blues and I met by accident in a studio that led us to collaborate on three musical films. Songs of Mashangva is the first of the trilogy which went on to have its world premiere in Leipzig, Germany.”

He further continues, “I have so many wonderful experiences shooting the film. The film had soaked in a lot of my passion, time and money. Maybe I was naive then but I had never tried to imagine any award, recognition or feedback it would get. Now I realise it was like marrying a wise woman who would give me long-term fortunes.

Wherever it was screened, the film won rave appreciation for its soundtrack and the mesmerising photography.”

Informing more about the screenings, organiser of IndieEarth, Roy Dipankar says, “In the past few editions of the IndiEarth films screenings, we have showcased short films and documentaries of legendary artistes such as Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Allauddin Khan and others. This time, independent short films will be about the artistes, their musical journey and life. We have also included the national award-winning film Songs of Mashangva, which the audiences will definitely enjoy.” The screenings will be simultaneously conducted at three national venues: Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. Time to go indie, we say!

On Today, 8 pm onwards
At High Spirits Café, Mundhwa.
Cal 65250559
Entry Free

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