Health special: Dieting tips for those with a stressful lifestyle

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Diet matters, they say. Often and enough number of times, the stress on diet has been made. Not only to lose weight but to curb hair loss, for glowing skin and sharp eyesight

Diet matters, they say. Often and enough number of times, the stress on diet has been made. Not only to lose weight but to curb hair loss, for glowing skin and sharp eyesight. Dash diet is one of the latest additions to the bevy of diets that are available, but this one is a bit different. In a city, like Pune where the stress levels are quite high, this diet just might be its healing pill.

The Dash diet meal

What it means
Dash is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. City-based diet consultant Shivani Shah explains, “It is a therapeutic diet which is predominantly prescribed to people who are suffering from hypertension. It helps to lower high blood pressure and therefore, reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.”

Krupa Mhatre, nutrition expert reveals that it also works for those who are looking forward to knocking off some kilos. “The focus here is on vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy produce along with grains, fish, poultry and everything which comes under healthy food. That means you keep the salt, high sugar level products and red meats down.”

Both the dieticians support Dash diet for the various advantages it is associated with. “Benefits include a tab on blood pressure and kidney stone creation. It also keeps kidney diseases away and lessens the risk of various kinds of cancer, heart-related concerns and averts diabetes,” Mhatre reveals.

Shah substantiates that Dash is a diet that one can have on a daily basis as it consists of the right amount of protein and fibre. It is also very filling, compared to other weight loss diets which starve you and eventually increase one’s craving for sugar.”

Advice to all
Going for small but frequent meals like eating 6-8 meals a day enables you to eat healthily. Try keeping the food items seasonal and colourful on your plates.

The Dash diet meal
Following are the average portions for one meal:
>> 150-200 gm of low fat dairy products
>> 100 gm of fish/chicken/egg whites
>> 1 fruit which fits in the fist (as a mid meal)
>> 200 gm of vegetables
>> 5-7 dry fruits (as a mid meal)
>> 7-8 gm of oil can be had in cooked meals.

Include these
Whole grains, whole wheat and multi-grain flour should be had for fibre and complex carbohydrates.

Pulses are for proteins.

Fat-free dairy products lower the intake of saturated fats and provide good proteins as well as calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12 among other nutrients.

heart pulse

Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chickpeas, cucumber, green peppers, and sweet potatoes are low in sodium, good sources of fibres, and helps reduce excess absorption of nutrients.

Go for fruits with low in sodium and high in potassium like apples, bananas, peaches, pears and watermelons.

Include unsalted fishes, chicken and egg whites for proteins, but make sure it is cooked in a way that maintains its nutrition.

Seeds and nuts happen to be the good guys of fats for maintaining cholesterol levels and providing Vitamin D3 to develop calcium absorption.

While choosing vegetable oils, Mhatre suggests rotating them so that you get both PUFA & MUFA oils in your list.

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