Health: Try a tennis workout to burn those calories

May 10, 2016, 08:34 IST | The Guide team

As the French Open starts next week, here’s how clay court tennis could be a good way to burn those calories

  Myth buster
You don’t have to be very powerful or muscular to sign up for tennis. Agility counts. All you need is to be alert, sharp and focussed to get the best results.

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Best time to start?
For those who wish to make it a full-time career as a player need to start practising before the age of 10. For those who look at being a part for other professional reasons, such as umpiring or sports management, they need to study the game. Without professional aspirations, you can begin tennis at any age.

Dos and Don’ts
>> Since it involves a lot of running around the court, those with heart problems should be careful
>> Those who get dehydrated easily should take care; many tennis players suffer from cramps due to dehydration.
>> Those with joint issues should take extra care to learn the technique, as a simple forehand done wrong can cause injury.
>> A clay court is great for beginners as natural grounds compared to concrete can help break your fall better. However, since it is easier to maintain concrete so there are very few clay courts in the city. Leave the grass for professionals as it is slippery and difficult to manoeuvre. Why is tennis good?
>> It is a great sport for lifestyle management as you sweat a lot. For those who have a sedentary lifestyle and spend most of their time in air-conditioned environments, the sweating out while playing tennis can help regulate your body.
>> It is a flexible game as you can go easy on yourself while playing or have an amped-up session too. Hence, it is a family game where kids and adults can participate.
>> You improve hand and body co-ordination, vision and core strength.
>> It is socially good too as you can make friends while playing doubles or playing at a public venue.

Information courtesy: Ranjit Kelkar, city-based tennis entrepreneur and coach

Burn it

One hour of serious playing can make you burn up to 400 calories

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