Heat getting to children, docs advise indoor games

Apr 12, 2012, 07:08 IST | Neha Taneja

As the mercury continues to rise, hospitals in the region have been seeing an increasing number of children with heat-related medical conditions.

“April and May are the months to protect children from the intense heat. Parents must not allow children to play outdoors and instead engage them in indoor games.

Chilling out: Children play a game of carrom to avoid the searing noon sun in the city. Pic/Amit Sonawane

Also, this gives parents a chance to look out for any symptoms indicating the onset of heat related illness,” said Dr Sandhya Khadse, head of department of Paediatrics, Sassoon Hospital.

Also, parents should allow wards to play outdoors only during the early part of the day and late in the evening. Water, milk shakes, lemonade and buttermilk from roadside stalls should be avoided.

Dr Bharati Dhorepatil, president, Indian Medical Association said, “Children should be given lots of fluids and kept indoors. Moreover, one should not drink chilled water on entering the home from outside, as it imbalances body temperature. Air conditioners should be set between 22 and 23 degrees.”

Dr Lalit Raval, head of paediatric department in Ruby Hall Clinic said that they receive a large number of cases with symptoms of dehydration, like nausea, diarrhea, skin related problems and urinary issues every summer.

“Children and adolescents adjust much slower to changes in the environment than adults. They also produce more heat as they are more active and sweat less. Water intake should be increased during this time of the season,” Raval said.

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