Heat kills the national bird

Jun 03, 2012, 09:16 IST | Rinkita Gurav

Animals are feeling the heat this summer � a peacock died at the BSCPA last week, two-three cats and four-five dehydrated dogs brought in every day

The summer-related death of a peacock at the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Hospital (BSPCA) in Parel last week follows the death of two spotted deers at the Byculla Zoo a month ago.

Zoo authorities have been receiving flak for the upkeep of the premises. “None of the animals were affected by the heat, as we have been constantly observing them and providing them treatment as well as water. The deer died due to old age,” claimed Anil Anjankar, director, Byculla Zoo. Thirty-three spotted deer are contained in a 1,500 sq mt space. The zoo currently houses 144 animals of 18 varieties, 397 birds and 32 Reptiles.

The BSPCA has witnessed a rise in the cases of animals and birds admitted for treatment due to dehydration this summer. “Mid May, there were 10-20 dogs and 8-9 cats admitted every day and the premises were full. We kept them outside their wards. Now, two-three dogs and four-five cats are brought in for treatment every day,” said a doctor, on condition of anonymity. He added, “A peacock was brought in from the Governor’s House in Walkeshwar last week. It passed away after two days, as its temperature kept fluctuating.”

Dr Hitesh Swali, a Juhu-based vet said, “In this heat, animals get dehydrated and their appetite reduces. It happens mostly with pets, while strays are used to the extreme temperature outside.” 

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