Heavy vehicles ply on Dindoshi flyover after gantry blocking them vanishes

Jun 23, 2014, 08:34 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

MSRDC had banned their entry after recently repairing the cracked slabs on the southbound stretch; authorities have no clue about who removed the obstacle to allow passage of trucks and buses

A hilarious yet sad state of affairs continues to emerge at the Dindoshi flyover in Goregaon (East). The recently repaired southbound stretch of the flyover, which the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) had only allowed light vehicles to use, has opened up to heavy vehicles as well. What is worse is that MSRDC has no clue about this.

The metal gantry that blocked the entry of heavy vehicles on the Dindoshi flyover is missing. The two pillars are its only remnants. File pic
The metal gantry that blocked the entry of heavy vehicles on the Dindoshi flyover is missing. The two pillars are its only remnants. File pic

After a team from IIT-Bombay analysed that nine slabs of the southbound stretch had developed cracks, the patch was put under repairs — that too after delays and ego battles between MSRDC and the Traffic police. The bridge was opened on May 31, but only light vehicles were allowed to use it.

A gantry was installed at the beginning of the southbound stretch to block the entry of heavy vehicles, which were redirected to the service road beneath the bridge. However, somebody has taken down the gantry and nobody knows where it is. The older metal structure, which was present before the bridge was put under repairs, is lying discarded beside the road. Heavy vehicles are using the flyover, despite there being a signboard barring their entry.

Shoddy job
The road on the bridge has already come under criticism for poor work done on it. The first spell of rains managed to dent the surface and create potholes. Again, in characteristic fashion, MSRDC blamed the Traffic cops for not giving them enough time for repair work, and the latter dismissed the allegations saying enough time had been given.

With buses and trucks freely using the bridge, the road may get damaged yet again. An engineer from MSRDC said, “Less than a month after the flyover was repaired, heavy vehicles are using the bridge. This is a matter of concern, as the repaired road surface needs some time to settle. If heavy vehicles are not stopped from using the bridge, MSRDC may have to put it under repair again in the near future.”

Repair work of the flyover has been terribly handled. Even before the work actually started, MSRDC and the Traffic department had been at loggerheads while the agency wanted 45 days or so to carry out repair work, the police would only allow a 30-day period.

MSRDC speak
MSRDC’s Superintendent Engineer B N Ohol said, “We installed the gantry so that heavy vehicles don’t use the flyover. I will have to check whether the gantry has been removed, and only then will I be able to comment on the matter.”

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