Heckled PM, continues speech

Sep 23, 2012, 07:23 IST | Agencies

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday made a pitch for inclusive, faster and sustainable growth, promising to overhaul the existing corporate and commercial laws to facilitate growth of the corporate sector

In response to transformational changes of this century, Singh said, “We are examining many of our commercial and corporate laws to make them relevant to the challenges that lie ahead, particularly for ensuring distributive equities and empowerment of the marginalised sections of our society.”


“We will soon bring before Parliament the new Companies Bill that has been in the making for quite some time now,” Manmohan Singh said at the International Academic Conference, 2012, devoted to Economic Growth and changes of Corporate Environment in Asia.

In his speech, he also pointed to the great strides being made by Asian economies, pointing out that by 2050 Asian countries would have more than a 50 per cent share in the world economy, which at present stands at 27 per cent.

PM, interrupted
Just before Singh rose to deliver his inaugural address in the main hall of the Vigyan Bhavan, a protestor started raising slogans, seeking the rollback of the hike in diesel price. The security personnel present in the hall later took the protestor, who took off his shirt, away. 

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