Helen Flanagan would love her kids to attend her marriage to Scott Sinclair

Aug 04, 2014, 08:32 IST | A Correspondent

English actress Helen Flanagan, who is dating Manchester City's Scott Sinclair, reveals she is smitten by the idea of the pair's children attending their marriage

Helen Flanagan. Pic/ Getty Images

English actress Helen Flanagan has revealed that she plans to marry Manchester City footballer Scott Sinclair but wants to have children before the pair walks down the aisle.

In an interview with UK tabloid The Mirror, 23-year-old Flanagan, who shot to fame for her role in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, also said that she wanted to get married on a beach.

She said: "Scott and I have talked about tying the knot on a beach. But I think we would like a few children first.

"I have always liked the idea of having your children at your wedding. We are not planning kids right now but if happens it happens and if I were to fall pregnant, I'd be really happy," Flanagan said.

The pair, who has been in a relationship for over four years, had split for six months last year over allegations that Sinclair had been sending saucy messages to SkyTV presenter Donatella Panayiotou.

However, Flanagan said in the interview that they were happier than ever.

'Rejected Big Brother'
The actress also revealed that she turned says she turned down a lucrative offer to do TV show Celebrity Big Brother because 25-year-old Scott was concerned about how stressful it might be for her.

Flanagan, who was reportedly offered £250,000 for participating in the show, said: "Scott is very protective of me."

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