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May 18, 2014, 11:52 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Subir Malik, Nitin Malik and Sonam Sherpa, members of the cult rock band Parikrama, who also go by the name SNS, share their experience about composing music for the recently-released movie, Manjunath 

In 2005, when Indian Oil Corporation’s marketing manager Manjunath Shanmugam was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in Uttar Pradesh, the nation was enraged.

(Left to right) Subir Malik, Nitin Malik and Sonam Sherpa
(Left to right) Subir Malik, Nitin Malik and Sonam Sherpa 

Among those who tracked the story closely were brothers Subir Malik and Nitin Malik, from rock band, Parikrama. So when they learnt that a movie was being made on the whistleblower’s life, they met director Sandeep Varma, who evinced an interest in them to compose the film’s music. “When we met Sandeep, we learnt that Manjunath was a big fan of our band Parikrama, so that was another connecting factor. We agreed to compose the music immediately,” says Subir.

The creative freedom that Sandeep allowed them for composing the music, was one of the things they are really thankful for. “The album is an eclectic mix of genres. There’s a hard-hitting rock song by KK, a soft, emotional number by Shankar Mahadevan called Amma and a free-flowing song called Gol by Papon among others,” adds Subir.

The positive response they received from the audience and the industry have encouraged the trio — who go by the name SNS for their projects that are separate from the band — to be open to more Bollywood projects. Is Parikrama open to such offers as well? “As of now, the band isn’t keen on taking up Bollywood offers but you never know. As SNS, we are looking forward to more projects in the future,” adds Subir.

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