Helpline battles aptitude test anxiety

Feb 21, 2016, 11:10 IST | Pallavi Smart

The latest queries to flood the state board helpline pertain to whether the just-introduced aptitude test will have a bearing on Class 10 results

The State board helpline launched to assist students in time of stress ahead of the Board exams have been inundated with calls from worried students and parents curious about the just-introduced aptitude test. "Will the board consider the marks of the aptitude test for the overall score?"; "I have answered randomly since I did not know what to study. Will I fail my board exams because of it?" are some of the questions that have become commonplace, displaying the ambiguous atmosphere in which the state government's maiden project to help SSC students take a decision on their careers was launched and executed.

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According to a Government resolution, the aptitude test is being conducted across schools in the state and final reports will be attached to the Class 10 result sheet.

Due to the ongoing Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination, the state board helpline numbers are now functional. Pawan Gaikwad, a counselor on the helpline number, said, "We are making the students understand that the aptitude test does has nothing to do with the Class X examination. The timing of the test may have added to the confusion since many students are being called to school during study leave to take the test."

A school principal, requesting anonymity, said about the exam being introduced in haste, "Had we started the test from the next academic year, we would have had enough time to clear the students' doubts. It could have also been conducted in the first half of the academic year, which wouldn't not have put undue pressure on students when they are studying for their exams."

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