Hema Malini to make a film or TV show

Oct 02, 2012, 08:54 IST | Shaheen Parkar

After her last film proved to be a blip at the box office, Hema Malini is contemplating making a film or a TV show again

Undeterred by her last debacle Tell Me O Kkhuda, Hema Malini has not given up entirely on being a producer. The actress, who was in Norway recently for the annual Bollywood festival in Oslo, was also in the UK where Dharmendra is shooting for a sequel directed by Sangeeth Sivan.

Hema Malini

Says a source, “Though Hema was upset with the problems that plagued her film which had daughter Esha Deol make a comeback and the dismal show at the box office, she prefers to let it be the distant past. After Tell Me O Kkhuda had released she had declared that she would rather stick to dancing and acting than dabble in filmmaking.”

Adds the source, “But over time she has done a rethink. She is keen to make a socially relevant film or a television show. But this time she will tread with caution and work out the logistics well and, more importantly, have a crew she is comfortable working with. She is known to make women-centric films and, of late, Bollywood has been coming up with several projects with dominant characters being essayed by the female actors which she feels is her forte.”

Hema Malini had produced and directed Dil Aashna Hai in 1992 that starred Divya Bharati and Shah Rukh Khan. She has also made television serials like Maati Ki Banno, which aired last year besides Nupur and Women Of India a while back.

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