Here's how the Pune Warriors say 'Cheers!'

Apr 19, 2012, 08:38 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Cheer for your favourite team, as they take on the Chennai Super Kings for the second time in the Indian Premiere League, this season

The Pune Marriott’s Sushant Rege is a cricket buff. No prizes for guessing that his favourite team is the Pune Warriors India. “I wanted to make something special for the players to relax them post the match,” says the bar manager of Mi-A-Mi, who has created signature cocktails for his favourite Men in Blue.
Rege, whose favourite cricketer is Indian bowler Ashish Nehra, says that the cricketers tend to ‘eat healthy’, preferring to eat salads over fried, oily snacks.
Cricket enthusiasts can catch the matches live on the big screen, as they sip on the blue cocktails, created especially for the team.

Till May 27 (subject to match schedule)
At Pune Marriot Hotel and Convention Centre, SB Road.
Call 779893322

Drink Break
} 1-pint beer
} 15 ml peach syrup
} 3 lime chunks
} 2 orange segments
} 3 to 4 mint leaves

} In a beer glass, muddle the lime chunks, orange
segments and mint leaves.
} Pour in the peach syrup.
} Top up with beer.

Long Island Warrior
} 15 ml vodka
} 15 ml gin
} 15 ml white rum
} 15 ml tequila
} 15 ml Blue Curaçao
} Lemon-flavoured soda to top up

} Add all the ingredients in a tall glass filled with crushed ice.
} Top up with soda.
} Garnish with mint leaves and lime or orange segments. 

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