Here's how to say 'Google it' in 20 languages!

Dec 07, 2012, 12:31 IST | Agencies

An American website tells you how to say 'Google it' in 20 languages.

It isn't a rare scenario when you are probably talking to a foreigner or are in a foreign land and want to use the common expression "just Google it".

And when you might want to say it, if English isn't an understandable language, it sure can be quite a task.

For your help, an American website has now compiled a list of how to say "to Google" in a few of their favourite languages.

For example, if you have been wasting your time arguing for hours over a beer with an Israeli, you can just say you are going to "l'gagel".

Here's how to say 'Google it' in 20 languages!

Here are some others:

English - google

Spanish - googlear and guglear

Italian - googlare

Portuguese - googlar or guglar

German - googeln and googlen

French - googler

Swedish - att googla

Hebrew - l''gagel

Slovenian - proguglati or poguglati

Croatian - guglati or proguglati

Polish - googlowac

Russian - gugleet or googleet

Fillipino - eegoogle mò (i-google mo)

Finnish - googlata

Dutch - googlen

Czech - vygooglit

Korean - google ha da

Romanian - a googali

Greek - googlizo

Icelandic - að gúgla (ao googlah) 

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