Here's the list of 11 words added to Oxford Dictionary's June edition

Aug 03, 2015, 08:06 IST | The Guide Team

We share with mid-day readers a list of 11 words that were added to the Oxford English Dictionary's (OED) June edition

> Arre (interjection): Used to express a range of emotions and commands, esp. annoyance, surprise, or interest, or to attract someone’s attention. [First recorded in 1845]


> Batchmate
A member of the same graduation class as another; a classmate. Also used in Philippine English. [1918]

> Bhelpuri
In Indian cookery: a dish or snack typically consisting of puffed rice, onions, potatoes, and spicy and sweet chutneys, sometimes served on a puri. [1950]

> Carcade
A procession, parade, or convoy of cars, typically one escorting a prominent person. [1964]

> Churidar
Tight trousers made with excess material at the bottom of the legs which falls in folds around the ankles, traditionally worn by people from South Asia. [1880]

Danica Salazar
Danica Salazar

> Dhaba
In India or in Indian contexts: a roadside food stall or restaurant. [1957]

> Incharge
A manager, a supervisor. [1956]

> Multi-starrer
A film having an ensemble cast featuring many star performers. [1976]

> Revert
To answer in speech or writing; to reply. [1973]

> Topper
The leading student in a particular class, school, exam, etc.; a high-achieving student. Frequently with preceding word. [1971]

> Yaar
As a familiar form of address: friend, mate. [1963]

A few more that we bet you didn't know were in the OED:

> Biodata (noun): Biographical details, esp. summarising a person’s educational and employment history, academic career, etc. Used chiefly in North America and South Asia. [1947]

> Videshi
In India: foreign; coming from a country other than India. [1980]

> Papad
poppadom [1813]

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