Here's why foodies can head to Vashi's Sector 17

Jan 26, 2015, 08:00 IST | Sonali J Hudar

Apart from the big-ticket eateries, this buzzing part of Vashi is a gastronome’s delight with many lesser-known pit stops to choose from. Our reviewer found three value-for-money eateries

As we toiled away at our office in Vashi’s Sector 17, the urge to embark on a foodie adventure emerged, like an epiphany. So, staying away from the big names of the area, we headed to the not-so-established names only to discover that we were to hit jackpot at JK Chambers. 

Chilli Pepper Prawns

A few shops ahead of crowd favourite Gupta, we plumbed for the newly opened Dossino. Curious by their menu, we went for their dosa recommendations — Jini Dosa (`100) for a takeaway and a Dilkhush Dosa (`90). The Jini Dosa arrived at our office within 10 minutes. The stuffing was spicy with a Chinese tilt. The dosa came with two chutneys and sambhar, but was tasty to be eaten solo. The portion size was enough for one with a moderate appetite. They offer interesting options ranging from the Sada Dosa (`30) to the eclectic Vintage Dosa (`50), Pav Bhaji Dosa (`90), Gravy Dosa, (`90), Maggi Dosa (`90), and Chocolate Dosa (`90) for the sweet-toothed.

Shanghai Chicken

Thrilled with our success, on another outing, we headed to China Bite. Apart from the typical Indian-Chinese fare of Momos (`120 for chicken, `100 for veg) and Wontons (`85 for chicken, `75 for veg), noodles, their menu offers Apple Chicken (`125), Shanghai Prawns (`155) and Korean Rice (`105 for veg, `135 for chicken). Their Chilli Pepper Prawns (`155) and Shanghai Chicken (`125) arrived in 20 minutes. The prawns were fresh, and well-seasoned.

The chicken was tender with a burst of flavours and spice. The portion-size was generous. If we shut our eyes to the frightening amounts of oil in these two dishes, they were the stars of the meal. China Bite offers a Vegetarian Chinese Thali that includes Manchow Soup, Spring Rolls, Hakka Noodles and Manchurian Gravy with Fresh Lime Juice (`99) and Chicken Thali with Chicken Manchow Soup, Chicken Lollypop, Fried Rice, Chicken Chilly Gravy and Fresh Lime Juice (`119).

Chicken Tikka Biryani

Our last culinary stop on this mini trail was Mumbai Tadka Factory. This small eatery has a menu that would match most restaurants. From starters to mains to rolls, it’s all there. Their Chicken Tikka Biryani (`120) caught our eye. This arrived on the double but we wished they took their time blending all the flavours. The tomato rice by itself was was tasty, with a few chunks of delicious chicken tikka mixed with the rice. The portion size was large too.

We made a mental note to try out their rolls and Shawarma for another time. They also offer a delish Greek Shawarma (`120), Afghani Shawarma (`110) and Aloo Tikki Shawarma (`100), among others. What also caught our eye were their meal combos (with roti/rice or a combination of both, and starters) that range from `140 to `300 for a family combo of six pieces Chicken Tikka, one Gravy, four Tandoori Rotis and Chicken Biryani. Encores are on the anvil, for sure!

At Dossino, shop no 35, JK Chambers, Sector 17, Vashi. Call 7045039173
At Mumbai Tadka Factory, shop no 32, JK Chambers, Sector 17, Vashi.  Call 8879457041/8879457065
At China Bite, shop no 34, JK Chambers, Sector 17, Vashi. Call 9819618487/65650334

Dossino, China Bite and Mumbai TadkaFactory didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals

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