High Court directs man slapped by ACP Dhoble to withdraw petition

Jun 26, 2012, 07:25 IST | Samarth Moray

Judges find it odd that medical report names 'unknown person' as having caused the injuries to Yusuf Bhure, who was left partially deaf in one ear after being allegedly slapped by the cop

The Bombay High Court yesterday directed beleaguered restaurateur Yusuf Gulamnabi Bhure (64) to withdraw his petition and instead lodge a private complaint with the Metropolitan Magistrate against Assistant Commissioner of Police (Social Service Branch) Vasant Dhoble.

Injured: ACP Dhoble slapped 64-yr-old Yusuf Bhure when he was sitting at the cash counter of his son Shakeel’s restaurant Mogal Serai 

On Monday, a bench comprising Justices AM Khanwilkar and AR Joshi noted that the medical report named an ‘unknown person’ as having caused the injuries that left Bhure partially deaf in one ear. The court found it odd that Dhoble was not named in the report, and directed advocate Tariq Sayed, who represented Bhure, to withdraw the petition and pursue a private complaint with the metropolitan magistrate.

ACP Dhoble allegedly slapped Bhure in December 2010 that left the latter with a perforated eardrum. According to the petition (copy available with MiD DAY), on December 5, Bhure was sitting at the cash counter of his son Shakeel’s restaurant Mogal Serai. At 6 pm, Dhoble arrived with a few officers and began enquiring about the licences and other documents. The cop allegedly got angry and slapped Bhure, who fell down unconscious and began to bleed from his left ear. Dhoble then kicked him in the groin and called for backup. He was then taken to Bhabha hospital where doctors told him that he had ruptured an eardrum. He was then referred to Cooper hospital where it was concluded that Bhure had lost partial hearing in his left ear.  

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