High-five stunt between 3 kills co-passenger

May 18, 2012, 06:37 IST | Shiva Devnath

Seeing 2 of the accused extend their hands from a moving Borivli local, the third accused from the Churchgate local in the next track reached out his arm to reciprocate, but hit another man, who lost his balance and was run over

Mindless stunts pulled between three passengers travelling on two parallel local trains cost an innocent co-passenger his life on Wednesday afternoon. The Borivli Government Railway Police (GRP) officers arrested two men last evening for allegedly causing the death of 26-year-old Maqbool Ansari on a Borivli bound local, while they engaged in frivolous antics with another unidentified accused travelling in a train that was moving towards Churchgate in the next track.

Stunt gone wrong: 1. Mohit Singh and Bhavani Singh on one local and an unidentified man on another local reach out to high five each other as their trains cross.  
2. In the last second, Mohit and Bhavani panic and pull in their hands. The unidentified man’s extended arm ends up hitting another fellow passenger standing on the footboard. 
3. He loses his balance, falls, and is run over by the train. 

The incident took place at 2.30 pm on the Borivli station, when two of the accused — identified as Mohit Singh (27) and Bhavani Singh (28) — were taking a ride on the Borivli local, having boarded the train from Santacruz. As the local approached platform number one at Borivli station, the two stretched out their hands towards the train halted on platform number two, which was on the verge of rolling out for Churchgate.

Nabbed: The two accused (above) are in police custody for causing Ansari’s death by negligence

Seeing the two youngsters stretch out their hands, an excitable commuter on board the Churchgate bound local also stretched out his hand, to reciprocate. By then, however, the Churchgate bound local had started moving and was picking up speed, Mohit and Bhavani immediately pulled in their hands. As they moved back, the hand extended by the man in the other local smacked their co-passenger Ansari — who was standing next to Mohit and Bhavani — hard in the face. The impact from the blow was so great that Ansari immediately lost his balance, toppled over and fell on the tracks, the train running him over.

Senior Inspector PM Karyakarte of the Borivli GRP added that Ansari, a resident of Dharavi had boarded the train from Mahim. Ansari, who was in the business of repairing air conditioners. After the incident, the police reached the train compartment that the two accused had boarded, and recorded the statement. The cops arrested the two for causing death by negligence and performing dangerous stunts on a moving train. They have named the unidentified passenger on the Churchgate bound train as another accused.  

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